Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Color Safe Shampoo & Conditioner

The fronts of my hair were beginning to look a bit mousey to me recently and so I did a little coloring when I went in for my usual hair cut. When I arrived home I looked through my hair product stash and realized that I had every thing for nourishing dry hair but nothing for colored hair. While in Target for the usual paper towel and dish washer pod run I came across these Herbal essences products and thought they would do the trick. 

When a lower end/ drugstore hair product surprises me in a good way like these did, I make a note to discuss. 

The actual product is lightweight and easy to wash out without any residue leftover to build up in the hair at all. I feel like my color was indeed protected and didn't disappear as quickly as it might have if I'd used any other hair products for washing. The scent is intoxicating as most herbal essences products are. If you don't like scented products beware of these, they smell very herbal and very floral which is a pro for me but may not be for everyone. I love that the scent lasts in my hair throughout the day as well, I am all for fresh smelling hair. Size wise, these are a great value for money and considering they are from the herbal essences brand available at most drugstores, they aren't all that pricey to begin with. I really like the flip top lid for dispensing the product which keeps everything really clean and is super easy to use when in the shower. 

All in all, these two were exactly as expected and then some. My hair feels really clean and smells really good when I use them, so what more can I ask for?  

When it comes to my nourishing treatments, I will stick with what works and that is usually items from the higher priced brackets with slightly better ingredients. For a shampoo and conditioner like this to be used to daily or even every other day to clarify and clean, I find this to be just the thing for me.  

What shampoo and conditioner are you using currently? Do you have any hair product recommendations to give me? I love trying new beauty products so please do leave them in the comments below! 

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