Fishtail/Mermaid Braid Pigtails Hair Tutorial (Video)

One of my go-to Spring and Summer hairstyles year after year is the fishtail/mermaid look. Ever since watching a video by Mimi of Luxy Hair who really knows her stuff when it comes to hair, I've been fishtail obsessed. Once I had the actual braiding technique down pat, it was easier and easier for me to achieve time after time. I'm really no expert when it comes to the whole hair subject but I do love playing around with different styles and changing up my look often. This weeks video is a step by step tutorial showing exactly how I get my fishtail mermaid braid pigtails. Watch it here, or read until the end of this post where I will insert it as always.  I put up an image on instagram wearing the style a while back and got some questions on how I do it for a wig, so I thought I'd finally film it for those who were wondering. For more information on the whole wig wearing custom, see this article here by Chabad who explain it far better then I ever could. This specific wig is an Irene. 

The greatest part about throwing together a hairstyle like this is that there is nothing overly time consuming about it and very little tools are really needed aside from your own two hands. If you have wavy hair like mine was, I'd recommend running over it with an iron slightly just to have it a bit more straight to start. Otherwise all you need is a good detangling brush and a couple of clear elastics! The specific brush I used in this video is called the Cala Wet N Dry Detangling Hairbrush. I will be comparing it to my tangle teezer at some point over the next weeks so keep an eye out for that. The Goody elastics are my favorite for tying off a braid and I specifically really like the neon colored ones I've been using most recently. 

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