E.L.F. Eyes Lips Face Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, St. Lucia

Good quality drugstore bronzers are a rare find. The NYC bronzer in "Sunny" is one I've talked about in the past for it's unique qualities. This E.L.F. one is another I have come to really enjoy.  I've heard it said that it reminds people of the Nars "Laguna and Orgasm powders duo. Aside from the obvious packaging similarity, I do not think the two are quite the same. 

For it's low cost I think it makes an amazing product for those just starting with makeup and looking for an inexpensive way to learn contouring and bronzing. The black compact these powders come in is pretty sturdy and not too bad looking with the classic white lettering and nice sized mirror inside.  

When you look closely at these powders they appear to have some shimmer through them, but on the skin this is not something noticeable at all. In fact they appear completely matte on, so no worries about chunky glitter! 

They blend pretty nicely and are nice and soft but do need a little more work then some of my favorite high end bronzers like Anastasias contour kit powders and Kat Von D's Shade+ Light Contour Kit powders. This is where the main difference is, where Nars Laguna is concerned. Because the bronze shade is quite cool toned it makes the perfect contouring color, but also needs to be blended out really well to avoid that "dirty" look. The blush is a beautiful light coral pink with a slight gold shimmer running through it. I think it is a pretty universal shade that would suit loads of skin tones and undertones. E.L.F has 2 other combinations available on their website as well in case this specific one isn't the right tone for you.   

The bronzer tends to stick around for up to 8 hours on my combination/normal skin if I set it with the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. Otherwise it does move around and break up in humidity as I learnt the hard way. For oily skinned individuals I feel this may pose a problem. 

Blush never lasts very long on me and this one specifically is no different, fading just around the hour mark no matter what I do. Not great!  I'm not so big on blush anyways, so it doesn't bother me much. 

All in all, the 3 main reasons you should buy this if you are looking for a new bronzer/ contour powder and blush duo are these: a) The packaging is not bad on the eyes and easy to travel with. b) These specific shades would suit almost anyone and are super soft in texture too. Plus E.L.F has two other color choices in the same duo style on their site. c) The bronzer sticks around on the skin for ages when set with a setting spray and is just cool toned enough to double as a powder to contour with on light skin tones.

This product (specifically the bronzer side) does look a bit harsh in photographs. It does look very soft and blended in person though. This is an important detail to have in mind if you are often in pictures and are looking for one that photographs well.  On the day these images were taken, I used the bronzer to contour my cheeks and nose and also used the blush to give my cheeks a nice rosey sheen.

Have you given this E.L.F contouring blush and bronzing powder a try? If you have what do you think of it? If you haven't, do you think you will?

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