Simple Foaming Cleanser Review

My criteria for face cleansers is fairly simple and yet unequivocal. A good cleanser to me is one that removes my makeup and scrubs my face completely clean at the same time. It needs to go on easily and come off just as easy as well. If it's liquid or foam, a pump is a real plus. This Simple foaming cleanser straight from the shelves of the drugstore surprisingly ticked all of those boxes. It is what I turn to on light makeup days and on nights when I don't require a scrub or mask but a quick and gentle cleanse. 

At 5 fl oz, I have yet to run out of this product and have it on my skin care shelf for months. I enjoy it so much that after leaving my first one at my sisters house a while back I ran out to my CVS and grabbed a new one immediately. At around $7.29 in most stores, it really gives you your moneys worth. 

Although I am not especially careful about chemicals when it comes to my skin care (maybe I should be) I do think its fabulous that there are no harsh chemicals, artificial perfume or dyes that upset the skin. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but I do like that this cleanser is fresh and free of harsh ingredients. 

The bottle actually contains a liquid form but when it's pumped up and out, it dispenses as a foam which is then super easy to disperse across your face and lather in to the skin. In fact, just one pump is all you need for the entire face and neck!

Because I have several face cleansers that are in the high end bracket money wise and don't come close in performance, this does not fail to impress. I will continue to reach for this over and over again, that is for certain. It also has me wondering about other Simple skin care products like their miscellar water and eye makeup remover. One of these days I will give those a go as well.

Have you given this cleanser or any other Simple skin care products a try? Are there any you'd recommend to me? If you haven't tried any yet, do you want to? Leave me a comment in the form below to let me know, I love hearing from you!

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