My Current Makeup Collection & Storage Vanity Tour

As a beauty blogger and makeup fanatic, I absolutely love getting to see other peoples collections! Today I decided to share a really exciting video exploring my own personal makeup collection & vanity which is the area I get ready in on a daily basis. I also made sure to include the sliding mirror section where I keep nail polishes, perfumes etc. I do also keep an Ikea Alex desk and drawer set in my office  downstairs for the overflow products, including pr samples or items that have been sent to me to test and review etc. Perhaps I will do other videos in the future showcasing other beauty storage systems I have in place around the house. The reason I keep this specific amount of makeup is because I review products here on the blog weekly and I really do love testing new things. At the same time, I am constantly cleaning out and passing products to friends and family when I feel the need to. These items shown here are the ones I use most often. Watch the video here, or read till the end of the post where I will insert it as usual. It definitely took me some time to get this piece of storage to where I am pretty happy with it. It takes some moving things around that is for sure. I still feel like I can get it looking even better, but for now it definitely does the trick!


I truly hope you enjoyed getting to see my current makeup collection details!

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