Becca Aqua Luminous Perfection Foundation

I have seen the First Impression videos and I have read other reviews for this foundation. They were all pretty positive regarding finish, longevity and shade match. When I walked into Sephora to purchase one, the sales girl warned me against it showing me 5 other foundations she felt performed far better. I took a couple of samples to see how I personally liked it and I took a bottle home anyways. Something about the promise to glow like the moon and have that "I woke up like this" skin-like look had me reeled in. Maybe it was the gorgeous packaging as well with it's glass bottle giving a substantial "fancy" feel along with a cool dropper that releases the product when you unscrew the lid and press the little button indent on top!

 You know when you hear great things about a product and you are sure it will work for you so you try everything and anything to figure out why you are using it wrong so you can love it as much as you thought you would? That's what I tried with this one. I used every primer in my drawer, I tried it for a day with no primer at all. I set it with powder, I went without powder. I sprayed setting sprays. I tested it for 2 whole weeks before I finally gave up all hope. I am so disappointed because I love all other products I've tried from the Becca line so far. At the same time, I'm fairly sure it may perform differently on various skin types.

 The shade "Fair" was actually my perfect match when I'm not self tanning and my bronzer and highlight went on beautifully over top of it. The actual foundation is glowy and soft just as it is described and very little product is needed to create a even layer, but the coverage is surprisingly sheer. The actual product is so lightweight that I barely felt it on my skin as I was applying it or while wearing it, and it blended over my skin perfectly. It looked absolutely amazing when I first applied it in fact. I guess my biggest gripe  was the lasting power. No matter what I did with it- priming, not priming, setting with powder, using no powder and even setting with a setting spray, by about 3 hours of wear it completely moved around and looked balled up and textured. I tried building it up and that was an even bigger fail. When I left it sheer and went over it with some of my concealers in the areas needed, it settled into my fine lines and wore down very quickly! 

Obviously this foundation was not a good match for me. I have normal/combination skin tone and depending on the season I'll sometimes be oily or dry in my nose area, besides for that, the rest of my face is pretty normal all of the time so most foundations tend to work pretty decently with my skin. 

Just after applying. If only it stayed looking like this throughout the day! Photo taken with flash.

When I went back into Sephora to return the unopened bottle as I'd just gotten through the samples given to me, I got a few more samples of other foundations I was interested in and I think I have found a really great one. I will be talking a lot more about that one in future posts. I absolutely love my highlighter powder from Becca and I have yet to give up on the brand, don't worry! I am thinking of trying the Backlight Priming Filter next, but I guess we'll see. 

Have you given this foundation a try? If you have what do you think of it? If you haven't, with 8 shades to choose from you may be able to find a good match, but definitely get a sample from Sephora to try first! 

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