My Experience Enduring a 5 Day Jus by Julie Juice Cleanse

10 months after having my baby, I still had about 12 pounds of excess weight that decided it would sit on my hips, belly and face and not budge. I was exercising daily and eating a very moderate healthy diet so it truly did not add up for me. With Springs arrival and a need for wardrobe updates, I felt I required a system reset of sorts to get my body in on the program. After hearing some great things about the Jus by Julie juice cleanse, I began looking into it on Groupon and all over the web. The reviews were pretty wonderful. I called up their store and spoke to the women there for a while. She explained exactly how it works and what it is targeted to do. It sounded like it would be really difficult for me to endure but at the same time very promising. One Sunday, I geared myself up and decided to take the plunge. I also agreed that although there are a few different variations you can choose, the 5 day with no dinner was the way to go. In my mind it was "do it all the way, or not at all". I created an entire video throughout the process, showing how my body looked and talking about the individual juices and how it all felt for me, so watch that here or read until the end of the post to find out more. 

Here is some basic information:

A 5 day cleanse comes with 6 juices a day. I was so full after 4-5 and never required a 6th, but this will certainly vary according to individual body weight and dietary requirements.

The entire regiment cost me about $200 because I asked the store clerk to match the groupon deal and she agreed. 

Groupon Deal here

5 Day Cleanse on Jus By Julie site here

These juices stay fresh for 3 days so freezing some of them is an option. I did not want to do this, so I brought home 3 days worth and went back to the store on the third day to get the last 2 days worth of juices. I found this to be ideal because at that point I knew which ones I preferred and I was then able to customize it a bit. 

I started it on a Monday morning and finished on a Friday night. On Sunday morning the scale showed that I had lost a total of 8 pounds. My actual goal was not just to shed some unwanted weight but mostly to reduce bloat and give my system a reset. In that way I feel I succeeded according the before and after images. 

I truly thought this would be far harder for me then it turned out to be since I love food so much. The only difficult part for me was towards the end when I felt I just wanted something solid to chew on. Other then that I felt pretty good throughout! I feel even better now after it all. Now, a full week later I have managed to keep the weight off by keeping to a moderate diet and only eating when I am hungry etc. I have also been exercising again this whole week. In fact, getting on the scale this morning I have noticed that I lost another pound. I am thrilled with my results obviously and I do feel like these juices helped get me started in a really huge way. With Purim having just passed and an influx of candy and cookies here, I am amazed and proud of myself for my endurance and maintenance of self control!

Jus by Julie did not sponsor this video or blog post. I truly decided to try it on my own and paid with it entirely with my own money. I will be posting more health, diet and fitness related blogs in the near future as well so look out for them and feel free to request any you'd specifically like to see.

I really hope this will be helpful to you if you were planning on doing a juice cleanse, maybe this one specifically and you were wondering about it!

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