How I Keep My Small Pantry Cabinet Organized + Simple Lazy Susan DIY

I have a really tiny kitchen with very little cabinet space. I feel lucky to have been able to design it just the way I like it when we first moved in. From the counter tops to the lighting, cabinetry, hardware, lighting etc. (See the post detailing all of those renovations here). I love my kitchen, I truly do.  It's just not that easy to keep it organized due to the actual amount of square footage. It seems to get so cluttered in just a short amount of time! After living here for 2 years I have finally come to a point where I feel I have a great system in place for keeping things neat and organized. 

Perhaps I will share some house organization tips and tricks as I come across them. Today I want to talk about my kitchen. Specifically, my pantry cabinet. It has 3 shelves which quite easily gather items in every corner and space available. An item that really helped me declutter and make the most of the area is my diy lazy susan! 

The problem I noticed was a pile up of sauce bottles that didn't quite fit next to each other and always ended up pushed to the back, out of reach. A lazy susan was the obvious solution and the best part, I made it on my own. I used two round baking pans and a bag of marbles from the 99 cent store, some tissue paper I found lying around the house and a glue stick to adhere it. I poured the marbles into one pan and then topped it with the other one. The marbles give the top pan the ability to turn all the way around. I pasted some pink tissue paper in the bottom of the top pan and some white and gold star print tissue paper all around the sides of the top and bottom pan both. I'm sure I could have made it a little more presentable looking but my actual goal was to have it looking less like two pans. It works perfectly and it really saves me so much space! 

Now here is how I keep the cabinet looking organized. Once a week I like to look through and take inventory on what I am running low on. When I do that I also move things around a bit. Because I am a short person, I like to keep all of the things I use most often, including those sauces and spices on the lazy susan on the bottom shelf, at hands reach. Also on that shelf I neatly stack pasta boxes, peanut butter, beans etc. Round plastic containers both tall and short are my favorite for storing dried beans, sesame seeds and even pasta when I have just 1/4 of the box left. 

 The second shelf is also easily accessible and so I keep things on it that I use a little less often but still often enough. Like baking ingredients, canned foods, salt, yeast, brown sugar, nuts etc. Because the sugar and flour bags are messy once opened and slightly awkward in shape to store, I love these tall containers I found at the 99 cent store. I labeled each of them with these beautiful large labels I found in Target distinguishing each one as "flour" or "sugar". They fit on the shelf height wise perfectly and stand side by side, plus each one fits a little more then a bag of flour or sugar inside! The greatest thing about those is that they each have a lift pour tab, large enough to fit a spoon into but small enough to pour without creating a huge mess when being used.   

On the third and top most shelf (not shown in the pictures) is where I put things I use not too often or have doubles of. I can only reach this shelf with a step stool, so this is the ideal format. Baking sprinkles, a large bag of sushi rice, extra canned tomato sauce and tuna are all things that end up there. 

I'm always searching for new and innovative organization ideas and I gain inspiration all over the web. I'm constantly switching it up and trying to find new ways to optimize my space!

I look forward to sharing more about my home design and organization. If you have any tips on the matter, please do leave them in the comments form!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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