My Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Fluff Recipe

Each winter we are hit with at least one snowstorm that requires an hour of shoveling plus, so I always like to have a cup of something hot waiting when we come in from the cold.  I have offered up my share of hot chocolate recipes here over the years. From Orange Cinnamon Hot Chocolate to Mocha White Chocolate and Mint Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate to name just a few! When we were hit with 2 feet of snow this past weekend I knew I would have to be really creative with my hot drink choice. Although I have never really been a huge fan of peanut butter, my boys really like it and so it was the star of the show here. I will admit, it tasted really great with just a hint of that peanut taste. If you really like peanut butter, feel free to add another tablespoon. 

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Fluff


3 Cups Sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk or Regular Milk
8 Squares (about 8 Ounces) Baking Chocolate (Dark Chocolate) 
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter 
Marshmallow Fluff and Extra Peanut Butter for Garnish


1. Heat milk in a medium saucepan or pot over low-medium heat. 

2. Once milk is simmering slightly, break up the chocolate and add it to the pot. Add the peanut butter as well, and stir constantly until it all melts down and combines.

3. Using a knife with some peanut butter on it, smear some onto the sides of the inside of the glass for presentation sake, while the hot chocolate cools slightly . Then pour the hot chocolate into the glass and top with a dollop or two of marshmallow fluff. Add a straw and serve. 

I really hope you will give my Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate recipe a try! Don't forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what it was like if you do! And feel free to tag me on Instagram or post your photo on my facebook page as well. 

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