Two Faced Better Then Sex Mascara Review

I am one of those people that buys those overhyped products last. If you see it being talked about a whole lot, expect to hear about it from me perhaps a year or so later, if at all. I don't know why it is, but it just puts doubt in my mind. This is the first ever product I've purchased during that "hype period" and I have to admit I now know why I haven't in the past. 

Can I just say the whole sexy names thing as a marketing plan has me confused and annoyed? Why can't I buy a blush (ahem, Nars) or mascara without comparing it to something racy? If it's a good product it'll be just as good with a name like Goldfish. I know, random but seriously I think that has just gotten very out of hand. 

Now let's talk about the mascara. When I first purchased it, I was certain I was in love. It had my favorite overly wet formulation and gave me tremendous lashes, black as night. Fast forward 3 weeks and it is my least used mascara because it has completely dried out. I close it tight every time I use it and yet it has gone from very wet and easy to use to very dry and a bit meh if I'm honest. 

Obviously the packaging is gorgeous in light pink with the letters beautifully inscribed on the tube. It is also very substantial and heavy feeling which is lovely as well. The wand/applicator is massive and hourglassed shaped. Although the thinner smaller style is usually my preference, these are getting my vote lately for giving huge voluminous lashes. 

On my lashes, 2 Coats (once it had dried out) 

Had this mascara stayed slick it may have been added to my list of notably great mascaras. It doesn't have any claims for being waterproof, but it did seem pretty resistant in a wet situation with no flaking or smudging to be seen. It also did give my lashes definition, length and curl.  For that kind of price, a mascara has really got to sweep me off my feet to get the thumbs up.  So really, it ticked all of the mascara criteria boxes in my mind but in the end, it was just a great disappointment. 

Have you given any of this mascara a try? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven't do you want to?

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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