Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

Here we are again talking about a product that has a whole lot of hype surrounding it ever since it first released. I recently talked about Two Faced Better then Sex Mascara and explained that I rarely purchase products during that hype period. So is this one worth the hype? 

My first ever contour kit style product was the Smashbox one which they then discontinued and then brought back, I have no idea why they would ever stop selling that amazingness in the first place, but I digress. Every time I try a new bronzer or contouring product, I now have something to compare to. 

Now before I get into my review I want to take a poll of sorts on my reviewing style. Please do weigh in, every opinion means so much to me!

So here's the dillema-

When I began beauty blogging I went into every detail of the product from scent to how it looks when photographed, even offering tips for application. I felt like that was a good way to really explain why I like a product or why it really didn't work for me and I've been doing that up until recently. Lately though I've begun making my reviews more concise and to the point and it's just easier for me to get them out to you as quick as possible this way while still explaining some basics. I don't want to be leaving out any important points, but please do help me in deciding which is the better option when reviewing beauty products. These reviews are for my readers and those looking into purchasing new beauty products so I really would like them to be optimized to that benefit! Leave a comment down below letting me know what you think, I really do want to hear from you!

 Now let's talk about this contour kit, 
The consistency and blend-ability of these powders are really the best thing this product has going for it in my opinion. Also the lasting power which is really incredible even in the heat and humidity. I easily get a full days wear on these and then some. The packaging is simple and user friendly, but very easy to dirty up in material (and I don't even store it with other makeup). I do like the fact that these can be removed and changed up with other powder product pans in her line to customize to individual needs. Although these look very similar in shade to the Smashbox ones right off the bat, they come off looking completely different on my skin. Less so in person then in photographs (they can be pulled off in person), which is most important to me since I am on camera alot. The two shades I use are the middle ones both on top and bottom. I use the top one to set my under eye concealer and the bottom to contour a bit but mostly bronze up my face because none of the shades really are ashy and dark brown enough to contour on my complexion, oddly enough. I've also found that the "banana" shade everyone so highly recommends can go very strange on camera unless I use a very light hand and a precise brush to apply. The highlight shades do absolutely nothing for me at all and hardly show up for me in comparison to my favorites- The Balm "Mary Lou Manizer" and Becca "Moonstone".  I was super excited to get my hands on this because of all of the amazing reviews and swatches but for some reason it just doesn't translate all that well on me. So all in all, I'm a little disappointed to say the least. I've loved every Anastasia product I've tried so far and this one just is not worth the $40 I forked over for it. 

Have you given any of this contour kit a try? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven't do you want to?

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

Thanks so much for stopping in! 

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