L'oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation Review

I have an astounding great appreciation for drugstore foundations. I say this because my skin hasn't always taken kindly to them. Yet my all time favorite, first ever foundation tried (Revlon Colorstay) came from those same shelves. When I first laid eyes on this tube of foundation it was in the section with all of the brand new, just released makeup. This was back when I was vacationing in Florida for a couple of days so I've clearly been testing this one for a long while. 

Anything that says it will blur out imperfections gains immediate interest,  that is the goal right?  At the time I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and wanted to get some nice pictures with the beach so readily available. What compelled me to test a brand new foundation with no knowledge of how it would interact with my skin or wether it would look good in pictures or hold up in the wind and spray of salty ocean water, is just beyond me. This time though, I was really lucky! I will insert a picture somewhere below, and you can judge for yourselves. Regardless, I am here to pick this foundation apart and tell you it's good and bad attributes, so here you are:

Consistency: This foundation has the oddest consistency. To me, it seems to have that slightly silicone slidey feel to it, alot like what Benefit the Professional feels like for reference. It's a thick mousse like product so the more you use, the less natural it looks. The good, I've found I can skip the priming step since it's built in here. The bad, use a bit too much and it begins to ball up and slide around.  

Coverage: Because of it's consistency, I can only use a tiny bit. I find that I am still able to get a really nice amount of coverage. I'd say it's a sheer to almost medium coverage.  It covers the hyper pigmentation in my cheeks with just one thin layer but still lets some of my natural skin and summer time freckles show through. Paired with a good concealer if necessary under the eyes and for spots, it is flawless. 

Finish: The finish is certainly towards the matte side but at the same time, if applied correctly this foundation never looks flat and appears very skin-like. It doesn't have any dewey characteristics, so I'd it's just imbetween. Just as it's marketed, I feel that it does blur out fine lines and pores giving an airbrushed look to the skin.  It does need to be set with a powder in order for it to stick around longest.   

Lasting Power: 6 hours is about what I can get wear wise in the hot humid weather, but it doesn't look bad as it wears down throughout the day either. I also find that my powder products- contour, highlight and blush blend over the product nicely and wear well over top of it. 

Color Variations: As with most L'oreal foundations, this ones got a great selection of shades to choose from (at least 12). This means no one should have any trouble finding one to suit them. Mixing two to get the correct color match can be done too. I chose the shade "light ivory" and it's worked perfectly. Now that I am a bit more tan, I'd have to go darker. 

Packaging: My favorite detail with this one is the thin squeeze tube it comes in. It dispenses the perfect amount of product each time and I've been able to use every last drop. It's also transparent, so you can see how much product is left. The actual tube is very light and thin so it's very compact for traveling with. 

Scent: None that I've noticed. 

Amount of Product: This product comes with just over one ounce and considering how little needs to be used with each application, the tube has lasted me months. 

Price: In comparison to other drugstore foundations, this is a pricey one at $14.99 in most places. 

Photographs Well? Judging from photos I'd say absolutely! I also haven't noticed any weird flashback with this product even though it has SPF 18 which in itself is fairly decent. 

the image referred to above, taken outdoors without a flash. 

Recommended Skin Types: I'd say this would probably work for any skin type since it's not overly matte or overly dewey. Sensitive skin types should always be wary of drugstore face products but I'd recommend giving it a try to see how it works for you.

Application Tips: The best way to apply this I've found is with fingertips or a beauty blender. Using a brush for this seems to just cause streaking and doesn't blend it into the skin well enough since it's on the slightly thicker mousse like side.  

without lipstick

I've been using this foundation daily for months now and have only just run out. I will purchase it again in the future since I've been really happy with it, but for now I am on to testing others. The consistency is a bit odd, the coverage and finish work well for me and the lasting power is fairly decent. I love how it photographs and I'm glad it has SPF in it as well. I think the price is a bit much for just 1 ounce of product on a drugstore product. I'd recommend this product to you if you are looking for a foundation that evens out skin tone but still looks natural on the skin. If you are looking for full coverage, this won't be for you!   

with lipstick

 Have you tried this foundation? If you have, what did you think of it. If you haven't do you want to? 

I would be happy to demo this in a future video, so let me know if you'd be interested in that at all.

Let me know comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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