Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Hair. You might think I'd know all about it considering I'm a makeup artist. Nope. I know the difference between a good hair day and a bad one and I can follow hair tutorials on youtube more or less, but apart from being able to stick a couple of bobby pins in, when it comes to hair I'm pretty useless. Because I have really thick hair with a slight amount of frizz that becomes a whole lot of frizz in humidity, I vary between using really moisturizing hair products to those that purify and keep the hair from getting weighed down. I feel like the difference between a high end hair styling product and one from the drugstore category is often huge. In regards to shampoos and conditioners though, to me they all seem pretty similar in what they do. At the same time I haven't really tested enough high end hair cleansing products to say for sure.

This was my first time giving any of the Living Proof products a try. I won't be sharing a before and after of my hair here, partially for the reason that I cover it most of the time and because I don't necessarily use it on my wigs (read about jewish hair covering customs here.) and also because the results are just not that dramatic. There are some really noticeable attributes nonetheless and here they are:

Size: 236 ml, 8 Fl Oz - a decent size but not that great price wise. 

Price: $24.00 each. I think this is a bit much for a shampoo and conditioner but I had to try and see if it was better then the $3 ones available at the drugstore. 

Hydrates? It does an excellent job of hydrating and tames frizz nicely too for the first 24 hours.

Packaging: The bottles this product comes in is attractive in light grey with white lettering. The shampoo is a pearly white product typical in consistency for shampoos. The conditioner is a thick white consistency also similar to other conditioners. It comes in a squeeze bottle. For some reason my conditioner bottle malfunctioned and doesn't squeeze out any product so I have to pull of the cap every time and hope to squeeze out the right amount and it's slightly annoying.  

Hair Types: It's color safe and sulfate free which is great. I would say it'd be better for those with hair types like mine- thick and slightly unmanageable. For those with thin hair, this may overwhelm it and cause quicker oil production since it's thick and hydrating. 

Scent: The scent on this is amazing. I can't describe it but it it's that fresh and clean scent for sure. It's not overwhelming so it most likely wouldn't bother those with sensitive noses. It doesn't last in the hair for more then an hour either. Some may like that, I usually prefer that it does. 

Cleans Well? I think it does it's job, it leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean and easy to brush through. 

Have you tried this shampoo and conditioner or any other products from it's line? If you did, did you like them? If you didn't, do you want to? Did I leave something out? Feel free to inquire with any other product details below! And don't forget to leave your hair product recommendations as well!

Thanks so much for stopping in! 

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