Basil Pizza Kosher Restaurant Review

I really appreciate a good restaurant review. I rarely go out to eat and much prefer a home cooked meal personally. Nonetheless it is always nice to celebrate for a special occasion at a brand new restaurant you've never stepped into before. Maybe it's the secret restaurant recipes book or a few days of vacation time I had over in Miami not too long ago that have me all keyed up, but I plan to make this a good year for the restaurant reviews. If I had to pick my favorite place to eat dinner in New York City it would be Abigails with no doubt (restaurant review here). I have been in search of my perfect ones for breakfast, brunch, lunch etc. too and I have to say I think I have found my spot for breakfast! The cute little place I'm talking about is Basil Pizza. It's easy to find at the center of crown heights in Brooklyn. 

My husband and I had the opportunity to hop over there one morning for some breakfast. It is rare that he is available in the mornings so I wanted it to be relaxing and enjoyable. Walking into Basil I really have to admit I felt like I had stepped right out of Brooklyn. The decor, music and general atmosphere were so tranquil yet proffessional which truly sets it apart from all of the New York hustle and bustle. The wall of wine certainly had me impressed and the industrial feel of the exposed brick, small hanging lights, stacked dishes and bar stools were also a nice touch.   

Now lets talk about the menu. The breakfast menu at Basil isn't massive, but it does offer their take on all of the classics. I proffered the smaller menu because too many options tends to overwhelm me. The last thing you want to be doing when your hungry first thing in the morning is pore over a menu and take ages to decide on something.  

Because we are two small people, we either order with our eyes and end up with way too much food and doggy bags for days or we are smart and order two decent sized dishes and share a bit of both. That is what we did that morning. Here is what we ordered:

The Classic Pancakes with strawberry butter, fruit and house made grape sauce.
We finished every last bite of these fluffy pancakes and doused them in that amazing syrupy sauce of course. 

The Poached Eggs with Asparagus, Hollondaise and Home Fries. 
My husband likes his eggs done just right and these were absolutely perfect. Everything else offered on the plate really complimented this dish as well.  

The Pink Lady Smoothie and Berry Meltdown Smoothie 
These were made fresh right before our eyes and they were really good but were somehow lacking in sweetness. I had to ask for some sugar packets to mix in because with smoothies you can't taste the flavors if the sweetness isn't balanced. I would say that was the only downside for me with regards to any of the food we ordered. 

Our waitress was super friendly and the service was very prompt. The prices are pretty average. So our overall experience was pleasant to say the least. 

We most certainly look forward to visiting again for lunch and in the evening for dinner at some point! I've heard fantastic things about their lunch and dinner menu which includes some pretty unique pizzas. Their bar offers alcoholic drinks in the evenings too. 

Have you been out to eat at Basil? What did you think of it if you have? What was your favorite dish?

If you have not been? Do you want to?

Basil is located at 270 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213. Phone number- 718-285-8777. 

Have a kosher restaurant you love or are curious about? Let me know which it is in the comments form below as I always enjoy eating in new places!  

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