Makeup That Lasts Part 1: My Tips for Choosing & Applying Makeup Products to Have Them Last Longest on Your Face

You've spent a little while in front of your mirror applying that perfect look. Perhaps you are off to a wedding or special event or maybe it's Erev Shabbos or Yom Tov. Whatever the occasion is, you will want your makeup to stay put. So the query everyone wants the solution to is: how can you ensure your hard works stays in place for hours at a time? 

Through a lot of trial and error as a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I feel that I have found out alot about what works for me and for others as well. Today I am here to share some of those tips and tricks in hopes of lending a helping a hand. And this is just part 1. In part 2, later this week, I will give you a list of my top 11 specific makeup products I have found to work well for me in keeping my makeup in place for the longest period of time. 

Here are some of my tips for choosing and applying makeup products to have them last on your face longest:

1) A good Skin Care Routine: It all starts with preparing your skin for makeup. The first thing you need to think about is your skin type- do you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin or normal skin? Oily skinned individuals will not only want to cleanse their skin using a cleanser geared towards their skin type, but will also benefit from including a toner in their daily skin routine before applying makeup. Those with dry skin will want to be sure to add a moisturizer to their daily skin regimen aside from using a cleanser geared toward their skin type. No matter what your skin type is, it is extremely essential that you find a skin care routine that works well for you and then stick to it both in the morning and evening times. I can guarantee that this will make a huge difference in how your makeup lasts! I have found several great skin care products that work well for me and my combination/normal skin type and I look forward to sharing my full routine with you all in the next weeks.  

2) Face Primers! The base for which your makeup will be placed upon is a very important detail when it comes to keeping your makeup on for any length of time. Professional painters can tell you a thing or two about how important it is to prime a wall before laying down that first layer of paint and makeup is similar to that in a sense. What exactly do makeup primers do? A good primer will ease application of makeup and keep foundation from sitting in fine lines and pores or caking onto the face. Primers are formulated to create a barrier between your skin and any face products you will be applying- foundation, concealer etc. They are also meant to protect the products you apply from sweat and oil your skin may emit throughout the time you are wearing your makeup, therefore locking it in place. Different primers work well for different skin types, so be sure to check with a professional on what specific one will be optimal for you specifically.  

3)  Setting Powder: Once your face makeup products have been applied (foundation, concealer etc.) you will want to go in with a setting powder, using a large fluffy powder brush to apply. As with any of the other products mentioned previously, selecting the correct powder for your specific skin type will be very essential in how well this step will work. Don't forget to pat the powder into your skin instead of swiping it or sweeping it, this will set the makeup in place without moving it around. Also be sure not to pick up too much product on your brush to avoid that caked on makeup look. 

4) Eyelid Primer: In regards to eye makeup, selecting waterproof eyeliners and mascaras will always be a good choice. Read my post on keeping eyeliner in your waterline from smudging, here. I've also done an entire post on tips for applying mascara just right, so read that as well, here. In general, when attempting to keep any eye makeup on (eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner etc.) an eyelid primer or cream shadow base will be your best bet. Be sure to use one all over your lids from lash line to brow bone and even on the lower lash line to prevent any products from moving around or creasing at all after they've been applied. 

5) Lip Liner, Matte Lipsticks & Blotting: As with faces, lips vary from person to person in how well products will want to stick around. A few good tricks when applying lip products are: A) Always start with a lip liner. Begin by outlining your lips and then still with the lip liner, fill your lips in. B) Top your lip liner with your lipstick of choice (matte formulations will be best) and then blot the product with a tissue and re-apply it. Liquid lipsticks work really well for many people as well and are actually my personal favorite. 

6) Setting sprays: These sprays have become the most buzzed about beauty product lately. And for good reason, many of them really do work incredibly well. Hold the spray bottle a couple of inches from your face, close your eyes and spray your face in about 3-4 sections to be sure you get the product into every spot makeup has been applied. Fan at your face immediately until you feel the product set and dry into place. Having someone spray your face for you when possible will be ultimate in ensuring the application is perfectly even. 

Try incorporating some of these extra steps into your makeup routine and see how much of a difference it makes. It will definitely earn a whole lot more time in makeup wear! Look out for part 2 coming later this week with the top 11 products I personally love, stand by and recommend in having a face of makeup that stays put for hours and even days! 

Do you have some tips of your own to share on the matter? Please do speak up in the comments form below, we can all benefit from hearing from you! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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