26 Sushi & Tapas Kosher Restaurant in Miami Florida, My Review

As a foodie, new restaurants to explore have me just as excited as a recipe of my own that comes out of the oven as perfect as I imagined. This is why planning a trip anywhere involves a whole lot of research and list writing in regards to where we are going to eat. My husband and I had very little time to spend in Miami several weeks ago, but we made good on every single moment. We ate out for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper daily which is something we rarely do when we're home. That's why it's called vacation I guess. Along the way, we came across so many fantastic restaurants although there were also those few that had us a little less impressed as will always be the case. Today, I am talking about one from the former category. At 26, Sushi+Tapas, it was such a fabulous experience from start to finish and the food was honestly better then anything I have ever eaten anywhere. It was the first place we went after getting off the plane and dropping off our bags so you can imagine the traveling had us famished. We ordered ALOT of food and were therefore really able to get a feel of what the place was all about I believe. Please excuse my poor array of iphone photos, I'm still kicking myself for once again forgetting my dslr!  If you are visiting the area, it truly needs to be added to your agenda, from start to finish we were really impressed. 

Here is some of what we had:   

Miso Soup- This was just the thing since my husband was dealing with a serious virus during our entire trip. As of now, no miso soup I have ever had anywhere compares! A real miso soup includes actual cubed tofu, fresh shitake mushroom and herbs of course, an example set for other restaurants, indeed.  

The highlight of our meal and the dish we cannot stop gushing over were these nitro faux scallops! Watching Gordon Ramsey send back scallops not cooked to his liking in Hells Kitchen had me very curious and 26 really hit these on the nail! From the perfect batter, to the fish inside and unique sauce, this is a dish I will never forget. 

One of the only items I was slightly disappointed over was this sunshine salad. I was expecting a lot more from the ginger carrot vinaigrette which should have packed a big punch although I didn't notice any flavors from it at all! Maybe it was a poor choice of ingredients as well, for some they may meld well but for me they fell short. 

Our sushi pick was the Pink Dragon and it lived up to it's exciting name. Perfect, bite sized, tightly rolled pieces are what was served which is just what I like best. No items falling out, no stuffing your face, and a tasty sauce to bring it all together too. 

An environment is also what makes a restaurant experience pleasurable and that was certainly a part of ours. Our waiter was friendly and helpful, the service was expedient and the modern design of the place with an outdoor seating area to boot had me very impressed! 

I also got to have a chat with some of the staff and hear about the history and meaning behind the restaurant and their cuisine which had me embracing the place even further! Another visit to this restaurant the next time I visit the area is definitely in order. There are so many dishes on my list to try and a kids menu is included as well, so we know we'll be covered with that if necessary. 

26 Sushi & Tapas is located on 9487 Harding Avenue in Florida. Phone number- 305-570-2626. Read their online menu here, to see if it is a place you too would enjoy dining.

Have a kosher restaurant you love or are curious about? Let me know which it is in the comments form below as I always enjoy eating in new places!  

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