Nails of The Day: OPI's Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!

Blue isn't a color I wear on my nails too often. It's a color I adore, but it's not all that wearable in many situations. Yet upon spotting this specific metallic navy with a bit of glitter by OPI on Ulta's site a while back, I was simply smitten. You will already know this, if you've read my previous post which highlighted my most recent beauty purchases from lipsticks to lashes. 

I find myself a bit confused by the OPI nail polish formulation. Some of their polishes (Golden Eye being a great example) stick around on your nails for 2 weeks before having to be buffed off with a nail file if you truly want them gone. Others, like this gorgeous blue are no match for dish washing and bath giving, in fact as soon as you so much as dunk your hands under water, this polish chips and dents and hastily looks worn in. It's disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me. I'm one of those people that doesn't mind a quick touch up. If you do, this one is probably not going to be a great choice for you.  

The name, as with most of the OPI polishes is adorable and clever and half the reason for the purchase of course. The metallic properties are what really make this polish unique though. I have several blue shades in my nail polish collection, but none are metallic or perfectly sparkly like this one is. At the same time, the shade doesn't come off looking juvenile, I feel like it's just enough sparkle to appear quite sophisticated and mature.   

What do you all think of this blue? I think it's a fabulous winter shade and although it's not long lasting at all, I will certainly continue to paint it on my nails until the weather warms up again. If you see this on a good deal at Ulta like I did, it will not be a bad purchase at all, the color itself is a pretty great one in my opinion. 

This OPI polish can be purchased here for a little more then $7, if you were hoping to get a bottle for yourself.  

 What colors do you find yourself gravitating towards in the cold weather months? Do you opt for dark, bold colors like this one or do you stick to your pastels without a care? Let me know in the comments form below and please do tell which colors specifically from which companies, I truly love getting your recommendations! 

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