Family Party: My Makeup, Nails & Outfit Details

I absolutely love when I've planned a look and it comes out exactly as I expected it to. The occasion this time was a nephews bar mitzva from my husbands side. Because I was able to plan each detail in advance, it was pretty stress free when it came time to actually get ready. I've gotten some requests to share my outfit videos and posts again and being that we are now 5 days into the new calendar year of 2015, I think it's about time I get on that. No promises of course, but I will say I am getting quite serious about Project Get Organized. 

The first part of this look to come together was the nails, and I most certainly have Pinterest to thank for the inspiration as usual. I simply showed an image to my manicurist and she happily obliged. I was thinking of doing a typical white french manicure to begin with, but when I saw the sparkling gold glitter, I was easily swayed. I definitely think that is the detail that brought the glam factor to these nails, which I forgot to mention were gel. I love that I was able to get this done on Tuesday and have them look just as fresh and unchipped when Sunday came around. A gel manicure is definitely the way to go for a special occasion. 

Of all things, the makeup was one of the last things to completely come together in my head. Sometimes it takes a fantastic pair of lashes and a copper pigment to spark the fire and that is just what happened here. I'm considering doing an entire makeup look video tutorial for this one because I've recently come across a whole bunch of great products. What do you all think? I decided to pair the glamorous eyes and bold brows with some muted peach cheeks and lips and I am thrilled with the outcome.

Last but not least was the outfit, which I completely adore. I went for a short pleated skirt with wide gold and black stripes. To accessorize, I added a pair of gold and black heels and a gold clutch. Sensing a theme? I do really love gold! The top, while simple and black, had lots of interesting detail including a velvet design down the front with a crochet looking piece at the bottom and the sleeves were silky and billowy with a button at the cuff but I chose to roll them up because they just ended up overwhelming my small stature otherwise. These are all items I've purchased in the past couple of weeks along with several other winter basics and am therefore planning to get into that further in an upcoming fashion haul/post. Leave me a comment down below once again, letting me know if you'd like that. 

What have you been wearing to parties you've attended lately, I'd really love to know!

Thanks so much for stopping in! Hope your new year is off to as great a start as mine is! 

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