Secret Restaurant Recipes Cookbook Review + Giveaway! (Closed)

I can't remember a time I was this excited over a cookbook release! The title itself has me squealing in delight. It even had my husband flipping through it at top speed when it first arrived. It's just that this is such unchartered territory! I have yet to see a cookbook that explores recipes from top kosher restaurants around the world before. After cooking my way through many of the recipes in this book over the last several weeks, I have just one thing to say- I want a part 2! This cookbook is great for the many restaurant owners featured, because obviously after successfully cooking up one of their dishes you will be very curious about what else they have to offer. It's also amazing for the home cook on a budget who doesn't frequent restaurants often but still wants to get a taste of the exquisite dishes prepared. Leah and Victoria are the two culinary masterminds behind the resourceful website cookkosher and a vast collection of cookbooks already but this one tops it for me Now that I am done raving about this book, let me give you a little insight as to what's inside!

Here is what I think of this cookbook:

How it Looks: The beautiful photos and exciting bold lettering on the cover really offer a sampling of what's to come on the inside. I was happy to see that it was printed in hard cover which is far more user friendly in my opinion.

What's Inside: Dozens of mouthwatering recipes for those versatile dinner dishes, perfect shabbos appetizers and delectable deserts for any occasion. With this book on hand you will be able to recreate dishes from some of the most elite restaurants who's names you will immediately recognize because of the grand reputations that exceed them. There is something in here to suit everyone from fish eaters, to pasta lovers and even the vegetarians.

Extras: At the start of the book, there is an entire page dedicated to some of the unique ingredients incorporated into many of the recipes inside. It gives great insight as to why they are used and what extra flavors they impart in each dish.  Culinary tips straight from the Chef are also included alongside many of the recipes which really gives the book a personal feel.

What I Love: I really appreciate the unique sauce recipes, garnishes and exotic ingredients included here because as a food blogger I find that it sparks my inspiration. I'm always looking for new ways to change up my dishes and give them that wow factor.

What I Don't Love: I can only think of one detail that irks me at all. Because these recipes come from restaurants, I've noticed that many of them are written out in the bulk form ingredients wise where you would be cooking for 20 people. For the home cook that is not going to translate well. I had an easy time converting them to a 2 person meal recipe, but for some it may be confusing.

My favorite recipes from this book: The Smoked Short Rib Tacos- it took a long time preparation wise but was worth every minute with it's finger licking sauce and meat that fell apart on contact. Another stand out was the tortelloni recipe which incorporated distinct fruity flavors which added so much dimension. It was unlike any other pasta dish I've ever tried. We also really enjoyed the Pizazza milkshakes which were a perfect weekend treat and also super easy to whip up.

Overall: If you haven't noticed from my excessive gushes throughout this post, I am absolutely in love with this book. It is a real beauty from cover to cover. All I can say now, book me some tickets because I am in for a culinary adventure while traveling around the world. From California to Mexico and Israel I want to visit every restaurant in this book and taste these masterpieces for myself!

P.S. this would also make a great chanuka gift for that special lady in your life, purchase it here for $21.86

Now let's talk about the most exciting part, the giveaway!

One of you, my dear readers is going to win yourself a copy of this amazing cookbook and entering is really so simple! Simply use the Rafflecopter to enter. You only need to enter once and can do so by either 1) liking my facebook fan page 2) following me on twitter 3) following me on bloglovin' or 4) leaving me a comment below this post. Please don't forget to include you email adress somewhere so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway will end in one weeks time on Wednesday December 24th and the winner will then be contacted. Please keep in mind that this giveaway is only open to U.S. citizens. Thanks! 

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