Rosh Hashana Cooking & Baking: 10 Recipe Roundup

I think I may be the only person who hasn't spent the past 6 weekends kneeding challah dough and putting kugel ingredients through the food processor to freeze for the upcoming holidays. Even with all the pressure holiday preparations bring, I always find myself doing it completely fresh, from scratch the night before. It's just a personal preference. Some people plan vacations for months, others by plane tickets closer to departure. It's the same right? In hopes of slightly changing up my game this year and making my life just a tad bit easier, I have recently begun scouring the internet for perfect dishes to add to my menu. Soon after coming across several amazing recipes, I knew it was my obligation as a food blogger to share them with you, my readers. Today, I am giving you all a pre-holiday gift: 10 recipes that really must be added to your menu's immediately and I did throw in a couple of my own of course. I just want to add that all of these recipes will be linked, just click on the photo to be rerouted to the recipe or click on the description words. Also, if these recipes weren't exactly what you were looking for, I have created a Rosh Hashana Pinterest board with almost 100 suitable recipes so go have a look at that here

Now for those Rosh Hashana Recipes: 

Beer Braised Brisket with Onion Jam, recipe from the blog Cherry on My Sundae 

Kale, Beets & Pomegranate Salad with Poppyseed Dressing 

Grilled Duck Breast with Citrus Fig Thyme Sauce, recipe from the What's Cooking with Doc Blog

Honey Glazed Salmon, recipe from the Damn Delicious Blog

Sweet Potato Apple Kugel, Recipe from the Cuisineous Blog 

Pear & Honey Sorbet with Pomegranate Sauce

Baby Arugula Butternut Salad with Maple Vinaigrette, from the Healthy Seasonal Recipes Blog.

Goat Cheese Apple Tartlets

Roasted Beetroot Soup, Recipe from the Kitchen Highlights blog

Caramel Apple Pie Napoleons, Recipe from the Living Better Together Blog

So there you have it folks, 10 amazing Rosh Hashana Recipes and they are all begging you to prepare them for your holiday meals! I think I have covered it all from meat to soup, salads and deserts. Don't forget that if you didn't find what you were looking for there is an entire pinterest board dedicated to Rosh Hashana recipes over on my page, so go feast your eyes on that here!

Hope you all have a wonderful, enjoyable and most delicious Rosh Hashana! May all of your tefilos be answered l'tova!

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