NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in 720A "Sunny", Review

Discovering gems at the drugstore is part of what makes shopping for makeup fun! This was definitely one of those products I was unsure about even though it costed very little and is raved about everywhere. I am so glad I gave it a try though, because it is by far one of the best bronzers I have ever found in it's price category. This may remind you of a bronzer I talked about a whole lot last year at this time known as "Bikini Contest" by Wet N Wild. It does actually have similarities but is quite different in many ways. 

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Texture: This powder has a very soft and smooth texture without the annoying fallout of fine products. This ensures a very easy to blend application. The detail that had me most excited was that it's all matte and that is very rare to find at the drugstore. This means it can be used as a bronzer and even slightly to contour and chisel the cheek bones. 

Color & Payoff: Although this isn't as intense as say, The Balm's  Bahama Mama Matte Bronzer, it is very buildable and gives enough color with just 2-3 swipes. The color itself is far less orange then it looks in it's packaging and in actuality gives the most beautiful sunkissed look without that much loathed "dirty" look or "oompa loompa" orange one either.  

Lasting Power: I find that this lasts between 6-8 hours on my combination skin and that is just what I need. I'm under the impression that it would most likely last a little less long on oily skinned individuals.  

Price:  For $2.99 you just can't go wrong and this has already lasted me months without a dent so thats a pro too. 

Packaging: When the price is as great as it is here, not much can be expected for packaging and it is clear that this is where the cut backs were made. It definitely has that overly plastic feel but it was nice that a nice sized mirror was included along with the tight snap shut closure. 

Photo Friendly? I think this product looks fairly decent in photos, the only problem I've noticed is that it looks slightly more orange when photographed and sometimes slightly washed out under a flash. 

Recommended Skin Type & Tones: I would recommend this for all skin types but oily skinned individuals be aware that it may not have the same lasting time on you. As for the tones, it really is too bad that this is the one shade that exists because it would only suit fair to almost medium skin tones. Completely medium to darker skin toned individuals would want to look for something far darker. 

Scent: I haven't noticed one.

Application Tips: This bronzer comes with a powder puff which is very much disposable in my opinion so my first tip is to toss that immediately upon purchasing. When applying, use a large powder brush to swirl around in the product and then dust it over your face in a 3 shaped motion from your temples to your cheek bones and then over your jawline blending in circles until it is perfectly blended to your liking. I often will also go over any areas I'd like to chisel slightly with a more precise angled brush, packing on a bit more product. 


I love that this product is completely matte and easy to blend. The packaging is not quite what I have in mind for my makeup products, but the price makes it all worth it. I enjoy the handy mirror that comes along with it but would recommend getting rid of that nasty powder puff. Lasting power will most likely depend on your skin type and I was happy with how long it lasts on my combination skin from day to day. The real downside to this item is that it isn't offered in any other shades as a darker version would be excellent for those skin tones that need it. 

Have you given this much talked about drugstore bronzer a try? What did you think of it if you have? If you haven't which bronzer is your favorite one at the moment? I would love to get your opinions in the comments form below!

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