Smashbox Photo Finish More Then Primer Blemish Control, Review

If there is one thing Smashbox is well known for, it is surely the enormous assortment of primers they tender. They have thought of it all, from pore minimizing, to ultra hydrating and even color correcting. Their latest release was designed to target everyones least favorite beauty dillema, that being bothersome blemishes. Often, covering problem areas with makeup that sits on the face for hours at a time only further aggravates. Makeup products with built in acne treatments are therefore excellent in theory! 

Primers are crucial to my daily makeup routine and there is rarely a time I forget to incorporate one. With some ongoing skin troubles here, this sounded perfect. Should you shell out the dough? Here's what I think:

The consistency of this product is very different from most primers I've tried. It's quite like a lotion/thin moisturizer and doesn't have that typical sylicone feel you find with many primers on the market either. One thing I have to say on this topic is to be sure you are shaking the product up before squeezing some out because otherwise it does seem to seperate and go quite liquid - like making it hard to apply. 

The big question is going to be: does this product help fight acne? And as always with products related to skin, I will tell you about my personal experience but cannot say what it'll do for others with different skin types in that respect. Before I say anything I will put forward the fact that salysilic acid has never been a product that did much for my skin no matter what percentage. Also, my breakouts are completely hormonal and those seem to be the hardest to battle. With that said, I didn't notice this doing anything in the blemish aspect for my face. 

Where primers are concerned, this one worked really well at locking my makeup in for 8 plus hours throughout the day. Since that is my biggest expectation with my primers, I was certainly pleased. I also found it easy to apply and blend into the skin as it smooths out evenly and doesn't leave over any weird residue behind. I will add that I haven't noticed it to have any strange scents either and that's always a good thing. 

This product would most likely work well for most skin types because it's oil free. With the slightly moisturizing characteristics I would warn oily skinned individuals to proceed with caution. As with most products, I recommend trying it in store, if you are able before purchasing it. 

The price is a touchey subject for sure at a whopping 42 bucks. It is even more expensive then the rest of the Smashbox primers which go for around 36-38 dollars. With pricey items I like to measure how quickly I'll go through a product before judging the price and this one seems to be lasting really nicely so far. 

Overall: I like the formulation of this product even though it doesn't actually smooth over pores and lines. It is slightly moisturizing and doesn't smell funkey. I haven't found it to fight blemishes for me personally but it does seal my makeup in place nicely for hours. I feel like it would work well for most skin types and although it is quite the pricey number, it hasn't run out too quickly validating it a bit. 

Have you tried one of the Smashbox primers before? If you have, which is your favorite? If you haven't, would you?

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