Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose Review

Mac describes this pen style highlighter as efficient in bringing a small wash of color to the skin and adding radiance in all the right places. 

When I walked into Mac looking for a concealer this is not the one I had in mind. I had actually been in search for the Pro Longwear version which I'd previously owned and I can say is award deserving for one of the best concealers of all time. To my dismay I'm not the only one who had that product in mind because on two consecutive trips, they were out of the shades I required. And that's how I happened across this one and decided it would be worthy of a try. I really do like it a lot but I will admit that it comes nowhere near to the pro longwear version in performance for me. 

Here are some more details:

Coverage: Light. As it's meant to be used as a highlighting product focusing on the under eye area especially, it doesn't have high coverage. It certainly doesn't have great spot coverage but it does eliminate some redness. Because I don't have severe under eye bags or discoloration it has an easy job. I do have one of these in my makeup artists kit as well and it has been extremely successful at concealing and counteracting discoloration and harsh under eye bags on many of my clients. 

Formulation: Pretty lightweight and slightly creamy but not thick at all. It blends easily and sets up well even without a layer of powder over top. 

Photographs Well? I would say so. I haven't noticed any crazy flashback on it. 

Skin Types it would suit: I think this would work well for almost anyone, although Mac face products do have a tendency to irritate sensitive skins. I'd recommend trying it for a day and seeing how it interacts with your skin type specifically. 

Color Variations: There are 4 different shades to choose from and they are light boost, bright forecast, peach lustre and this one is radiant rose. I haven't tried any of the other shades yet so I can't speak for them but it is nice that there is a decent selection to choose from. 

Lasting Power: 4-5 hours at max on my combination skin. The wear isn't fantastic in comparison to my favorite Maybelline Fit me Concealer and of course the Pro longwear one, but it's not terrible either for what it is. 

Packaging: I like the black encasing with white letters on all prep and prime products. The only problem is that this material seems to attract quite a mess and gets quite smudgy with product while sitting in my makeup bag. The actual applicator is not ideal sanitation wise, but I tend to dot it onto a q-tip or clean brush instead of going in with it straight onto the skin. The cover comes off easily to reveal the applicator but sits on tightly enough that the lid doesn't fall off or get lost in my makeup bag. The product itself clicks up into that little wand by turning the little knob at the other end. I've also noticed that it weighs nothing and you know how much I like a travel friendly product!

Price: $25.00 is quite a bit for a concealer pen. With my makeup artists discount I was able to bring that down a bit so it was entirely worth it. The product has lasted me nicely so far but that will probably be the standing point in that regard. 

Overall: I think this product is very nice with it's ultra highlighting properties. It brightens my under eye area and makes me look wide awake while also concealing any discoloration or unsightly bags. I also really enjoy the feel of it on my skin as it's not heavy and doesn't crease up at all. The lasting power is my only gripe as I hate having to touch up my makeup throughout the day. So all in all, not the best concealer I've ever owned but not the worst either. It falls right in the middle there. 

Is this concealer a part of your makeup collection?  What do you think of it if  it is. If not, do you plan on purchasing it?

This concealer is available on Mac's website in Mac stores and also on Nordstroms site. 

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