NYX Powder Blushes in Desert Rose & Pinched, Review

Blush is kind of neglected around here in regards to reviews. I throw one into a favorites video from time to time and that's about it. It's not the most prominent product in my collection and I most certainly don't wear it every day. At the same time I think it is a very important product in any makeup routine. The reason I am not completely obsessed with blush and therefore don't talk about them much is because it is hard for me to find a shade that suits me perfectly with my hyper pigmentation and natural rosiness. I have learnt that I look best in the ones that are either peach toned but glowy enough to double as a highlighter or slightly bronzey to accentuate a summer tan. Anything with a pink or red undertone to it just does not suit me at all. And yet, here I am with a review for two blushes in that exact shade range. They may not look amazing on me, but they certainly look great on others! And the actual quality is something to talk about too. I can't wait to purchase more of these but in shades that suit me better. Expect those in my next NYX purchase for sure. 

What NYX has to say about their blushes: "Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on easily, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly pigmented and lasts for hours. Available in 24 radiant colors!" 

What I think:

Color Payoff: The pigmentation is what really makes these blushes as great as they are. It is full color on one swipe and even needs to be dusted off your brush slightly after you pick it up. 

Texture: Smooth and easy to blend. Not chalky at all. 

Packaging: I like that these are small and square and easy to fit in any makeup bag. They do appear a bit junky looking to me but the contents have not broken while traveling so it seems secure. Hearts are my favorite so I love that NYX includes that symbol on most of their products. 

Price: I think $5.00 is quite the bargain for the amount of blush included. 

Lasting Power: I've never been successful at getting powder blushes to last very long but I can happily say that I've noticed these ones stick around for at least 8 hours! At the same time I think the base product worn can have a big impact on the longevity of powder products. 

Scent: Nothing noticeable. Unscented as far as I have found. 

Photo Friendly? Certainly. I haven't noticed any change in color from reality to photos. 

Variety: These come in 24 different shades in all kinds of tones and colors from orange to purple and brown, so there's got to be one to suit everyone. 

Recommended Skin Types: I think this product can work for anyone from very oily to very dry. What is more important is to make sure they are layered over a face base that is most suitable and then they should be just fine. This will definitely be something to test for each individual though.


The color payoff, texture and lasting power are my favorite details with these blushes. I like that they are unscented and photograph well too. I think the packaging could be made to look a little less junky but I guess that's why they cost so little. I don't love these specific shades on me but I look forward to trying the others and will certainly do a review once I do. 

Desert Rose is a slightly red pink and Pinched is a much lighter pink. They look pretty similar when applied but desert rose is definitely darker. Both of them have a slight shimmer to them but nothing sparkly or annoying. 

Have you tried the NYX blushes? I purchased these from Ulta but they are actually now available at most CVS's. They can also be found at NYX.com online. Let me know what you think of them if you have and recommend me some of your favorite NYX products in the comments form below! I would absolutely love to hear your opinions!

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