Makeup Tip of The Week: Applying Mascara Just Right

One of the easiest ways to take eyes from sleepy looking to beautiful and made up in seconds, is to apply mascara. It has the ability to create longer, thicker looking lashes, and who doesn't like that?  I personally find it to be the finishing touch to any of my makeup looks and I never leave the house without at least one coating. Applying it right can be the great difference between a clumpy hot mess or angelic, beautifully accentuated eye makeup. Choosing your mascara is definitely half the work done but knowing how to put it on is also very essential. Pros make applying mascara look like a breeze, but to avoid getting it everywhere (especially when you may be in a rush) can be quite the job! So how can you achieve perfectly lengthened, volumized and separated looking lashes without the mess? Today I am going to share some of my easiest mascara tips and tricks with you:

Tip #1 Always use an eyelash curler before applying any product to your lashes. Use it at the base of the lashes, holding it for a few seconds as the lashes are lifted up. This will curve them upwards and the mascara will have an easier job keeping them that way. Choose a curler that is wide enough to handle your entire lash line from side to side as well as it will make the job that much easier.

Tip #2 Start by laying the mascara wand on top of your lashes, instead of underneath them as is normal. Comb through them from this side first. Let that product set in before going in with more coats.This will curl them upwards a bit and also put some product through them before going on the underside. It will also act as a barrier and prevent the mascara from being really wet and smudging everywhere and it means you will be combing downwards and away from your eyelid which lessens the chances of smears happening.

Tip#3 To avoid getting mascara all over your entire eyelid and messing up whatever makeup has been applied previously, use an old credit card or business card and press it right against the top of your lashes, gently laying it against your face but not quite touching your eye shadow. Then apply the mascara and the wand will bump up against the card, instead of your skin. If you don't have a card around, use your fingers and pull your eyelid upwards, taut and away from your lashes as you apply your mascara. This will give the mascara more room to get into the lashes without getting all over the place.

Tip #4 When applying your mascara, get right into the roots of where the lashes begin under the eye and wiggle the wand from side to side, combing all the way through in sections until the desired length and volume is achieved. Try to allow the product to dry for a minute or so before applying a second or third coat.

Tip #5 Use the end of the wand to get into hard to reach places, like the little lashes at both ends. Using the whole wand to get in there will just end up in smudgey disaster.

Mascara shown in this post is the Mary Kay Lash Love mascara in black. It's one of my absolute favorites at the moment. Look out for a full review in the future!

Tip #6 Keep makeup wipes on hand to clean up any mistakes.

Tip #7 Apply lower lash mascara second and follow that same routine of getting right into the roots of the lashes and wiggling from side to side in sections.

I hope these tips will be useful to you in your makeup applications! 

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