Dairy Made Easy Cookbook By Leah Schapira & Victoria Dwek, Review

I'm on a roll with these cookbook reviews lately! I know I've said I don't use cookbooks much but after this one, I take that back. There is so much this specific cookbook has to offer that I haven't seen done elsewhere, and that has made it a very important part of my cooking latley. It's not sitting and collecting dust, I can tell you that much. In fact, I have been cooking and baking from it ever since it landed on my doorstep. You might already know of this cookbooks authors, because their reputation in food is untarnished. If you do not, know this: they are the authors behind an entire "made easy" series and are also the famous founders of the popular kosher cooking site cookkosher.com.

Here's what I think of this cookbook:

How it Looks: Bright and refreshing. I admire the light quality of it's cover with the combination of pastel shades and bright words. It's inviting and enticing! I quite like that it was created in soft cover too which makes it easy to open and use. 

What's inside: Upon flipping through this cookbook you will find several fantastic dairy recipes which are of course just perfect for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Shavuos. The pages are colorful and cheerful just as seen with the cover and the photography and plating skills are up to par too! The recipes themselves are written out clearly with a numbered method just as I personally prefer.

Extras: A complete kosher cheese guide is included at the start of this book and I think that is just genious. I also love the "Make it Light" section which helps those of us who are dieting to make some of the recipes a little more "skinny". Little notes added to each recipe describing some of the inspiration behind it makes it more personal. I find that this a great way of getting to know the authors. 

What I don't Love: Now that you know all that I think is fantastic about this book, let me tell you one tiny thing I'm not so thrilled about. It's the lack of fish recipes. I've said it before but I'll say it again. This category seems to be left out in many different cookbooks and since I love cooking different types of fish, it is a little disappointing. 

Recipes I look Forward to Preparing: 1) The cheddar broccoli soup has a really interesting parmesan crisp garnish and it is now on my to do list. 2) The ice cream desert with cheesecake bites is also tempting, I'm thinking of changing it up a little bit to add some extra flavor to those little bites. 

I have already prepared the cheese toasts and they were amazing! If you have this cookbook, that one looks like it's simple and easy, but it is the best cheese toast I've ever tasted and it changes everything if you pair it with a soup. 

Overall: The cookbook itself is beautiful in appearance and excellently written too! If you are looking for a cookbook filled with fish recipes, this is not the one. But it makes up for it in many other ways. I will be utilizing it a whole lot this Shavuos and I recommend it to anyone who loves their dairy foods.  

Have you purchased this cookbook yet? What do you think of it if you have? If not will you?

Let me know in the comments form, I would love to hear from you! 

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