Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35, Review

This is my second tube of this BB cream and yet I've still not shared my thoughts on it. There's a good reason though, so hear me out. The first, landed on my desk last Spring but it was in the shade "Medium" which was unfortunately far too dark and even slightly orange for my natural skin tone. I used it anyways at the time by mixing it with a moisturizer but didn't get around to writing a review before finishing it completely. This was back in the days when I had just discovered bb creams in the first place and it's what has had me comparing it to several others since. Yes, it was that good! In fact, I don't believe any other has completely measured up either. So as you may be guessing, I don't have any negative words for this one. Luckily, it arrived once again a few weeks back and this time in the perfect hue. I had to test it almost immedietly to be sure it was that same product. In fact it was and with all the great benefits it endows too. I've been using it sparingly since and saving it for special occasions when I know I'll be on camera or in pictures. Let me know if you'd like me to show how it looks in a youtube video, I'd be happy to do so at some point over the next few weeks. 

Here are some more details:

Coverage: Medium. It smooths over any redness and evens out the skin with just one thin layer. I do still have to layer it or use a concealer on any potruding blemishes and hyper pigmentation in my cheeks.  I also always lay some powder down over top of it when I've finished applying to finish it. 

Finish: I think it has a finish that is perfectly imbetween. It isn't too matte that it looks flat but it's not overly dewey either so it doesn't have any shine or shimmer. For this reason it'd probably be great for most skin types. I have a combination skin type and it smooths over my oily patches and dry patches just the same. 

Consistency: On the thicker side. It's not so thick that it's unblendable though. At the same time it does need to be worked into the skin alot more then a thinner tinted moisturizer or light foundation would and I always lay it down on top of a primer so it goes on even easier. Also, I'm happy to report that my powder products like bronzer, blush and highlighter don't  go on patchy when applying or wear off in patches throughout the day. For me that says alot about a face product. 

Lasting Power: This lasts beautifully on my skin. 8 hours at the very least would be accurate and that is quite decent. It slowly fades without going patchy once it does start to wear down. I did notice that it began to break down in areas of oiliness a bit faster like my t-zone area so if you are oily you may want to set it with a face powder or blot every few hours. 

Variations:  This bb cream is available in 8 shades on the Smashbox website. That isn't amazing but it is fair. Keep in mind that if any shade is too light or dark for you, you can mix two shades to make one that suits.  That would be an investment to say the least. That being said, the shade light is just a tad too dark for me but I work with it by really blending it in well. 

Scent: I don't notice any significant odor with this product. 

Packaging: Default squeezey tube. I like the way this is packaged because it doesn't over-dispense product and the top twists on quite tight. When it is almost finished but won't allow any more product out I will just cut it open at the bottom which means I'll be able to use every last drop. The black, red and beige color theme here are nice, sleek and proffessional. 

Amount of product: Like most high end face products, this comes with just 1 ounce in it. It is definitely a little less then I would hope for but being that a squeeze is all that's needed each time, I will make do. 

Price: $39.00. It's certainly very pricey, but again this is a high end product and you get what you pay for. It is definitely something to think about when purchasing though. The good news is that they are now offering a smaller travel size version of this product for half the price so if you wanted to try it but the price was scaring you, it would be easier.  

Photographs well? I think so! Every time I am in pictures with this product it seems that my face looks smooth and flawless. This bb cream is a miracle for me in that way which is why I save it for special occasions.  The fact that it has SPF 35 as well is amazing since that usually causes flashback but it doesn't here. 

Overall: I'd give this a face product of the year award because it's been a true favorite for a long time. The detail that makes it extra special to me is the way it photographs beautifully every time and the great lasting power too.  

Have you tried this bb cream? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven't, do you want to?

Let me know in the comments form! I would love to hear from you! 

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