NOTD: Maybelline Color Show 320 Green with Envy Polish & Sally Hansen Nail Art Kit

Mint green nails scream Spring to me. Today was a real minty day for me. I did mint eye makeup, mint green earrings, a mint green t-shirt and then these nails. It was a bit of a mint overkill, but I don't care. When I love something, I rock it without a care in the world. 

As soon as a new season comes along, I do a bit of a makeover to all things makeup, nails and closet pieces. I go from burgandy and navy to sky blue and chartreuse in a minute. That's why my trip to Target was the perfect opportunity to scan the beauty shelves for those much needed pastels and bright neons.

Maybelline brought out nail polishes for the first time last year if I'm not mistaken, but they weren't of much interest to me then for some reason. Immediately upon seeing this gorgeous green, I was sucked right in. Now that I've found the formulation and brush to be to my preference, I am going to be all over these. I want one in every Spring color! Plus how can you say no to those tiny little bottles. If I need to pick something I hate about nail polishes it'd be having them sit in my collection unfinished only to get goopy and go bad without ever finishing them. This will be used up within 25 uses for sure and that is just what my hope was.

  Lets talk about the actual polish for a moment. It goes on quite matte and splotchy with the first coat which had me concerned for a second. With a second coat it transforms to this amazing glossy and opaque finish though vanishing all concern. I've been wearing it for less then 24 hours but was anxious to share so I cannot say much for the wear. I will have to come back and update you on that in the future. This may be a strange statement to make, but aside from that amazing color the thing I love best is the perfect brush. It is shaped in a thin tapered manner which means laying down color is easy peasy. Anyone can get a perfect manicure using it, even me. And I have two left hands, as you may already know. Kidding! 

Another item I came across while perusing Targets beauty section were these nail decals. They come in a kit with a pick up tool and two other vials of different colored studs. I had never seen anything like that and it seemed fairly user friendly. So into my cart it went. I have since had a lot of fun playing with them as they are an easy way to dress up any simple manicure! I used clear polish as an adhesive, and pressed one gold- bronze decal onto every nail except one which I lined with the pieces from the top of the nail to my cuticle. I love how it turned out!! 

 What do you think of this manicure and what have you added to your beauty stash in honor of Spring? Leave me a comment below letting me know, I would absolutely love to hear from you!! 

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