Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream SPF 20 Review

It seems as though Spring has finally sprung.  I'm definitely getting into the Spring spirit. Not having to walk outside with boots on is utterly fabulous! Cleaning and organizing is on the mind now. Lighter layers are too. Outer wear gets thinner and so can the products we put on our face. And the cycle begins again. Away with the foundations, out come the tinted moisturizers and bb creams. Speaking of, I actually have one to tell you about. 

A while back I tried and reviewed a BB cream from the Lumene line and did not like it very much due to it's thick qualities which meant it was too difficult to blend. It was also a bit orange and dark to match my fair skin. I'm not sure if this is that same product that has been reformulated or repackaged but nonetheless, I am really quite fond of it. When warmer seasons arrive, I like to keep my makeup light and fresh with the help of products that look natural and are easy to apply. This is all that and more. It's light on the skin but super effective in coverage. 

What Lumene says about it: "Light, moisturizing and conditioning cream helps to even out the skins natural tone and correct small imperfections."  

What I think of it:

 Coverage: Medium. BB creams often have a light coverage like that of a tinted moisturizer or a really heavy one like that of a full coverage foundation. This one is the perfect imbetween. It covers imperfections but still feels light on the skin. It can be built up for more coverage as well. 

Finish: I wouldn't say this has a matte or dewey finish but it definitely looks just like skin once it sets in.

Consistency: Slighter thicker then that of a tinted moisturizer this product blends into the skin flawlessly. It's not so thick that my bronzer goes all patchey over top of it either. 

Lasting power- Not more then 6 hours. It doesn't have the same wear as a long lasting foundation would, but it doesn't wear off strangely either, it fades slowly as it reaches it's 6th hour on the skin. 

Variations: I was disappointed to find that only two shades are available in this range. That's a real shame as there is definitely not one to suit everyone. This shade isn't my perfect match either, but when it is sheered out over my skin it does work fine. 

Scent: It has a slight citrus scent to it, but nothing overly bothersome in my opinion. 

Packaging: Bright and sleek. It comes in a tube that is easy to dispense product from without overdoing it. 

Price: $9.99. In comparison to some of the other BB creams like it, this is a good price. It will last a while too. 

Overall: I really like how this bb cream looks on my skin and I have been using it every day since I got it. It lasts me through a work day so I can't complain in that aspect. The SPF 20 is an added bonus for the warmer months and it does live up to most of it's claims. I do wish there were more shades made available so that more people could try it as well and I think that may be the only downside to it. 

Have you tried this BB cream? If you have, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments form below! If you want to have a look at some of the Lumene beauty products, you can visit their website. I did see them stocked at Walgreens as well, the last time I was there. 

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