Home Renovations Part 3: The Kitchen

Today is an exciting day! I am finally here to share my kitchen. There is still quite a bit I want to do in this room which I will highlight as I go along, but it will probably always be my favorite room in the house. I watched it turn from something completely dilapidated and old fashioned into what it is now. I chose all of the details for replacements from start to finish and for that reason it is my pride and joy! It isn't huge, and it doesn't have my dream island at it's center, but it is everything I could have ever dreamed of with the amount of space we had to make do with.

The cabinets were my first decision to make and I almost immediately chose white. I thought it would open up the small space and make it look bright. I was right too, that is exactly what it did. You should have seen the light brown cabinetry that was in originally when we purchased the house! Because all of our appliances are stainless steel, I went for simplistic handles that matched in that shade.

The next step was to select a counter top. We talked about many different options but when I layed eyes on this piece of quartzite which is in the granite family I fell in love with it. It is a light grey with veins of white and tan running through it and it was called Dolce Vita for anyone who may be wondering.

We picked out a microwave at Ikea that has an exhaust fan for above the stove and had it installed. There were a few more things I wanted to do but the most important thing left on my list was the back splash. Before I had one put in, it was just wall painted in that light grey shade painted throughout most of the house called Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore. I looked into tile and glass for the back splash, but my heart was set on stainless steel. It was no easy feat finding the one I wanted either. I finally came across this one in a local home decor store and our workers had no trouble putting it in.

The faucets were the finishing touch on that area of the kitchen. I found them in home depot for a great deal. I love the one handle feature and the pull down hose straight from the faucet itself. Of course I went for the stainless steel finish once again.

The turquoise washing cup and stainless steel tray at the end corner of my counter were both housewarming gifts. One from a neighbor and another from my cousins!! I've decided that I'm going to add more teal/turquoise pops of color to this room. It's not only my favorite shade, it also goes so well with the room. The flowers in that mason jar on the counter all the way to the right are obviously not real. They are there for decoration, although I do plan to get some fresh ones to put there in the coming weeks. The cookbooks on the left counter are brand new and are waiting to be cooked with and reviewed so look out for that coming soon! Although I love developing new recipes, cookbooks are some of my favorites to read.

Some of the things I would like to still replace throughout the kitchen are: A) The floor eventually. You may be wondering why I didn't do that before installing the cabinets and the truth is I that I truly thought I liked it back then. It's a white floor with grey and tan swirls through it so it matches the kitchen well. The only problem is that it picks up dirt and dust like nothing else. I think it may be the material its made of. B) The refrigerator. I definitely need some more space in the fridge then what this one has to offer, but I also have room for a taller one underneath the cabinets I chose. One that dispenses water and ice cubes would be a great upgrade. C) The stools on the wall of my breakfast bar area. They aren't my taste at all and they are extremely heavy too. The material on the seat is too old fashioned for my taste as well. They came with the house when we bought it so I left them alone for now. My eyes are on some gorgeous white ones I saw in a Ballard Designs magazine. Time will tell.

Speaking of the breakfast bar, its really quite simple with a piece of granite to eat on and four stools to sit on. This is situated right across from my stove with a lovely large window to it's left. This lets in lots of natural light so it's nice for when I am reading a magazine and eating my cereal in the mornings. It also means I can watch my son play in the backyard while I cook dinner. One piece kept on that counter all the time is that brown open basket piece. It holds fruits or avocados that are in the process of ripening most of the time. Above the breakfast bar is a black pendant light purchased at Ikea which you can read more about in my lighting post. The rest of the room is lit with spotlights. There used to be an awful old ceiling fan in and I think this made a great replacement. Behind the light is a shelf we had made where we have another microwave, a big toaster oven and of course my Keurig coffee machine which I cannot live without in the mornings.I just wish the water wouldn't run out so often. Perhaps a Nespresso machine is called for in replacement? Hmmm. I also have a wicker coffee cup shaped holder which holds some of my favorite K cups so I can reach for them easily in the mornings. In addition some teas are stored up there as well.

That is my kitchen! I really hope you enjoyed getting a view of it at last! I look forward to sharing updates with you as I make them. There is one thing I am still working ever so hard on in this room and that is organization for the insides of the cabinets. Because there isn't alot of space, I need some ideas regarding storage. I am sort of a neat freak when it comes to those things and the fact that it isn't perfect kind of drives me a little crazy! What are your favorite storage pieces for the inside of your cabinets? How do you store your spices, sugar, flour, pots and pans etc? Let me know in the comments form below, I could use all tips and advice on this!

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