A Taste of Pesach Cookbook Review

*A Taste of Pesach Cookbook

I've admitted to being the worst food blogger in regards to cracking open a cookbook in the past. It's absolutely ridiculous that they sit on my book shelf and collect dust. I've recently received two new ones which will hopefully get a little more use then the rest have. This one surely will. Being that it's my first year ever cooking a complete Pesach on my own, the blog is sort of lacking in the Pesach recipe department. To make up for it, I will offer you my review of this cookbook. It is full of Passover friendly recipes that you and your families are sure to love! 

The Details:

How it Looks: The outer appearance is definitely appealing with it's dramatic black cover and white lettering. Most cookbooks offer a picture of a standout dish from the book on their cover. This one is unique with the utensils full of food being shown instead. The bright pops of color given off from those foods are what make it so alluring on first sight, in my opinion. 

What's Inside: Upon opening this book you will find over 150 excellent recipes most of which are accompanied by vibrant full page images of the specific dish itself. Clear and easy instructions are included too. You will find everything from Fish to Meat and fabulous Desserts. Who said Pesach was all potatoes, eggs and matzo?


Little notes with additional instructions for plating and variation options etc. are written along side many of the recipes for those creative cooks who want to add a little pizazz to their dishes! Also included is a two page menu ideas section which has options for dishes categorized as "traditional" or "prepare in advance" for easy holiday meal planning.  

What I love: 

1) The easy to read layout 2) The additional notes added with each recipe creating a more personal feel 3) So many cookbooks I've read lately have been lacking big time in regards to fish, this one on the other hand covers it nicely. 

What I Don't Love:

There is just one thing I can comment one here. I noticed that most of the sauce recipes were pretty basic so if your looking to be inspired in that department, it may fall short. Almost every one includes brown sugar and ketchup.

Some of the recipes I most look forward to preparing:

1) Asparagus Soup with Veal Mini Meatballs
2) Chilean Sea Bass
3) Unstuffed Cabbage
4) Classic Poached Pears


I think this recipe book was well thought out. The cover is eye catching and the contents are just as pleasing. Although I was not thrilled with the sauces, the fish section sure makes up for it. The Duck A L'orange and Tiramisu are dishes from the book I've sampled over the weekend and they were both truly excellent. If you are seeking a new Pesach cookbook to use this holiday, I would certainly recommend this one. Step into your local Judaica store and have a flip through it to see if it's something you'd be interested in owning. I don't think it will disappoint.

*This item was sent to me by Artscroll for my consideration, all opinions stated here are solely my own. 

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