Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I haven't talked about teeth before much. I've gone on and on about makeup, skincare and even hair products though so we'll take a little break from all of that today and talk about teeth for a moment. My teeth in particular go very yellow so quickly (as you'll be able to see in the before" picture below) and that is mostly due to me drinking coffee and tea. I don't drink alot of those beverages, but I do have a cup of each per day usually. I've tried my share of whitening products over the years and my favorites have always been the Crest ones since they work well and don't cause major sensitivity. My only qualm with those ones are that they have to be cut to work around the gums, at least for me they do. When a company from the UK called Mint Cosmetics contacted me asking if I'd like to try their whitening kit I was more then glad to do so. As soon as it arrived I tore the package open and started playing around with it as I do with most beauty deliveries. I have used it for about a month or so now on and off and I can now finally give my full opinion on it. 

The kit itself is sleek and proffessional looking and it comes packed with every tool needed to get a gleaming white smile. There was even an instructional dvd and tooth shade guide which is so useful! 

It came complete with trays and whitening gel already in tightly sealed dispensers and it also had a touch up pen for little fixups once the gel treatments are through. The trays need to be molded to fit your teeth which is easy to do at home but I ended up going with some I already had fitted from a previous whitening treatment I'd gotten from my dentist. The whole thing is fairly simple, you take off the little cap at the end of the gel dispenser and you dot the gel along each tray to line it. Then they go into your mouth pressed against the teeth for about 30 minutes or so daily. I brushed my teeth before and after, using my colgate optic white toothpaste and my electric toothbrush. I did this about 7 times throughout the month and definitely got my teeth a few shades lighter. There was some slight sensitivity involved which is why I didn't use it more often, but nothing permanent. My favorite part of the kit is that very useful pen which I will continue to use as I need it. My main advice with this product would be not to fill the trays completely because then you will end up with overflow onto your gums and that can cause major gum sensitivity and even gum bleaching. 

My final thoughts: I think this is an excellent whitening kit! Is it as easy to use as my Crest ones? There's alot more involved between shaping the trays and filling them etc.  so I'd say not it is not. The sensitivity I feel in my teeth for about 30 minutes after taking them off and during the treatment as well is definitely a concern too. Other then that I'd recommend this to anyone that has yellowing or stains on their teeth because it definitely does work. 

Have you tried a whitening treatment that you love?
Let me know what it is in the comments form below so I can check it out myself! 

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