Face Of The Day: Blue and Gold Eyes, Pink Lips

I haven't had any time to breathe lately, you've probably noticed considering my lack of blog posts and the weekly Youtube videos. I'm not complaining really, it's for the best reasons. Between having guests over the past weekend, hosting my house warming party, attending chanuka parties, going to work and just life, I have been lacking some much needed sleep, eating very little and not getting to do the little things I love most. I hope I can finally catch up, only time will tell. 

Today was the first day in a long while that I was actually able to sit down and play with my makeup a little bit, and I had some fun! I decided to pull out my Urban Decay Naked Palette which I've been neglecting in the past months while playing with newer palettes. Mac Blacktrack Fluidline Eyeliner took on a big role in creating the winged eyeliner and can you tell how much I am loving my pink lipsticks again?

Chanuka is flying by too fast but I am trying my best to cherish every moment of my favorite holiday! The house warming party went very well for any of you that may be wondering. It took alot of planning, shopping, inviting and cooking and at the end of it all I crawled into bed and passed out from sheer exhaustion. It was a very lovely night spent with family and friends who came to celebrate the new house and Chanuka with us, so no regrets here.  

Have you all been cooking piles of latkes and donuts like me? On my list of things to do is to whip up some of the Chocolate Mousse Cannolis from the OvertimeCook website. I also have some exciting house renovation posts planned along with recipes for some of the food I've been cooking lately etc. so if you missed me at all you now have some things to look forward to. 

For those of you who may have noticed the little scratch on the side of my nose, it was just me being my awfully clumsy self, walking my nose right into one of my kitchen cabinets (nothing a little concealer couldn't help.) 

I may decide to do a video tutorial for this look in the next weeks since I quite like how it turned out. Let me know in the comments form if that's something you'd be interested in seeing and I'll get right on it.   

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