Easy Mini Peanut Butter Cream Filled Connoli's with Gold & Silver Sprinkles Recipe

It's the last night of Chanuka tonight and I have an awesome fried desert to share with you to say farewell!  I know it's a bit late. There's a story here. Weeks ago, I brainstormed for Chanuka recipes as I do a while before most holidays (it's my duty as a food blogger, right?). There were some parsnip potato latkes with a sauerkraut salsa, butternut squash latkes with pear cinnamon apple sauce, apple cheese latkes and of course plenty of donuts. They were all very good but there was just no time to photograph them- yes I was THAT busy. I shared my sweet potato latkes with grape salsa recipe  last week and since I already have two very good donut recipes up from last year I decided to just call it a day. At the back of my mind I still felt like my blog was missing some Chanuka cheer, I guess I may be a bit hard on myself. For Shavuos this year I whipped up some of the Cannoli's from Miriam at the Overtime Cook's site, and they were a success of course! When planning my big Chanuka party, I added them to the menu. I bought the wonton wrappers and pulled out the cannoli forms.  But After being up till 4 AM on Saturday night and then in the kitchen over the frying pan from 10 am till 6 PM ( just before the party was set to happen) on Sunday night, I knew they just weren't going to be. They would have been the perfect replacement for the donuts that just didn't work out the way I wanted but that is something I realized too late. It's been a learning experience to say the least. In an attempt to try and save my donuts, I whipped up some of my favorite peanut butter cream and I had a lot left after. It went into a container and into the fridge. I pulled it out yesterday in hopes of avoiding eating the rest of it in spoonfuls- (so good) and that's when I remembered the cannolis and the packages of unused gold and silver sprinkles in my pantry. That is the long story and now you know how these easy cannoli's came to be. 

I've been trying to keep from over doing my desert intake this year, my niece is getting married next month and I'd  like to fit into my gown. I'm proud of myself for eating just one. Because these cannolis are crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, decorated with sprinkles, and that makes them simply unavoidable!   This is coming from someone who doesn't even like peanut better. Are you sold yet? These will make a great desert all year round so even if you decide not to add them to your menu this Chanuka, save the recipe for later, it's quick and easy to prepare and decadent to eat! 


These can be done with any fillings you choose but it needs to be something thick enough that it'll stay inside it's shell. Custard, Chocolate Mousse, Caramel and Even Fruit Pie Filling would be good choices. 

You can use the sprinkles to decorate the rims of the cannoli shells or the seems and any color sprinkles or edible garnish will work for this. 

I used the small square wonton wrappers since I love mini foods but the larger ones can be used as well for normal sized cannoli's. 

 Mini Peanut Butter Cream Filled Connoli's with Gold & Silver Sprinkles 

Ingredients & Tools: 

Small Square Wonton Wrappers 
Oil For Frying
Gold And Silver Sprinkles
Peanut Butter for Sticking the Sprinkles on
Equal Parts of Creamy Peanut Butter and Rich's Whip Heavy Cream ( I did about 1/2 cup of each)


1. Whip equal parts of peanut butter and heavy cream together in a bowl using a whisk by hand or the whisk attachment in a mixing machine. Add some peanut butter if it doesn't seem to be getting thick enough. Then refrigerate for an hour at the least- this step is very important or the cream can be less cooperative. 

2. Wet each wonton wrapper and wrap it tightly around a canoli form meeting the overlapping the ends and pressing them together so they stay. 

3. Heat an inch or more of oil in a  large non stick frying pan over a medium flame. Once it is bubbling and hot enough to fry add in the cannoli forms with wonton wrappers around them. Flip them as they brown so they can cook on every side. It happens pretty quickly so you'll want to stand over them and do so every few seconds. Remove them from the frying pan to a paper towel lined plate once they seem ready. 

4. Fill a pastry decorating bag with the prepared peanut butter cream. Add a decorating tip of choice. I chose the star sort of shaped end because I liked how it looks piped from there. Put the tip as far into the shell as you can and then squeeze the peanut butter mixture in so that it fills the shell completely. Once you reach the ends just pipe a bit on each end so it has a pretty look to it. 

5. Spread the top of each one with a little bit of peanut butter and add some gold and silver sprinkles to the top of each one pressing them into the layer of peanut butter to get them to stick. And serve.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

If you do whip these up, please do share your feedback or photos, I absolutely love hearing from you! 

Have a very Happy Chanuka everyone!

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