DIY: Fall & Winter Table Decor Centerpiece

I always love a nice centerpiece and I especially love changing it up with the passing seasons. In the Spring and Summer it's usually some fresh cut flowers in a mason jar with a ribbon but in the fall and winter I like something scented and spicy that brings in some of the outdoors while keeping it cozy. I often plan it by looking around at pictures for inspiration and then purchasing specific items to put it together and other times I just purchase something already made. This year I decided to go the DIY route and find different pieces on my own. 

You all probably know what it's like if you have a Target around your area, you go in for toilet paper or windex and you walk out with an entire cart of items you didn't know you needed. Am I right? That is just what happened to me at some point towards the start of fall this year and one of the items I ended up taking home was the vase shown in this DIY centerpiece project I'm sharing today. I have to add in that it was only $3 I really like how it's wide and round on top and then more narrow as it goes towards the bottom and as soon as I layed eyes on it I knew it was going to be vital in my fall decor project. 

It took another few weeks to figure out what else I wanted to add in. While picking up the faucets for my kitchen sinks at Home Depot I saw a netted bag full of spice scented pine cones- yum! They were somewhere around $5 so I bought them. I added them to the vase immedietly but it seemed to be missing something. My son was marveling over all of the leaves on the ground as we walked home after school and I told him he could pick some up and tell me what color each one was. He grabbed a whole bunch and decided he wanted to keep them so I let him. As I prepared to shake out his bag full of leaves I found a bunch that were so beautiful in dark purples, burgandy, yellow, orange and brown. And thats when I realized they were the last piece in my fall project puzzle. I let them dry out a bit and then added them in to the vase where there was sparse areas imbetween the pine cones.

It smells unbelievably great even weeks later and it gives a space that rustic wintry feel. Dehydrated cranberries or sliced oranges would probably be a great addition too but I decided to keep it simple. It would also make a great gift, just tie a nice ribbon around it and you've got a beautiful piece to give to someone special. I alternate with keeping it at the center of my dining room table at times and then on my bookshelf as decor at others. 

Vase, Scented Pine Cones, Similar Clock (This was a house warming gift from my bestie Itta!)  

I think this fall and winter DIY table decor piece is so appropriate right now and also super simple to put together. You don't need to be very creative to have it look nice and neat and you also don't need a whole lot of money to spend on it either. Now that we've had some snow where I live, the trees branches are bare. Most of the leaves are gone as well. If you can't find leaves, you can always choose some dried fruit or buy some filler from an art supply store, I am sure there is plenty of cool things to add to a simple item like this.

If you were inspired to create a fall and winter table decor piece for your home like this one, then please do send me your pictures by way of any of my social media. I really would love to see how it turns out. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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