December 2013's Kitchen of The Month

Last months kitchen of the month post didn't happen, but to close off the month of December I do actually have one to share! I really do love featuring kitchens each month since decor has become something I'm most passionate about now that I have a house of my own to decorate. I also look forward to showing you what my own kitchen looks like in the near future so look out for that. 

Lets talk about this months kitchen, it's not state of the art and it doesn't have any extremely exciting appliances, but there is one thing that makes it stand out from all others and that is the two shades of cabinets. I love how there are white cabinets up top and a light grey shade on the bottom, it gives this kitchen a really unique look! It's definitely a really simplistic kitchen so it may not be everyones taste but to me it's really lovely. I'm not crazy over the striped grey and white carpet. I don't like carpet in a kitchen at all in fact, that's just me. I really like the white tile backsplash and the mesh shelves to the side that seem to have been installed for onions and potatos etc. that was such a good use of space. All this kitchen really needs is a really nice light fixture. 

What do you think of this kitchen? Is it too simplistic and modern for you? Do you like the two shades used for the cabinets? Let me know what you think of it in the comments form below, I would love to hear from you!

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