Wet 'N' Wild Color Icon Collection 737 Blue Had Me At Hello 8 Pan Eye Shadow Palette Review

Back in September, I did some shopping while at my local drugstore. This was one of the items that made it to my shopping bag along with another one from the same line. I've been slacking off with my beauty reviews lately mostly because they take me the longest to write and I haven't had much time on my side. Alot of thought and effort goes into these posts as I want to be sure I am fitting in every detail I possible can. I also like to test products quite a bit before sharing my opinion on them. I've always found honest product reviews really helpful to read when I'm looking to purchase something so when I write mine they need get done right or not at all. Whether an item costs a dollar or thirty, I think it's nice to know what someone else thought of it first.

This palette drew me in because of all of the blues included. Blue is a complimentary color to brown so I find it to make my eyes really pop. Are these the best eye shadows I've ever tried? Keep reading to find out more.

Color Variety: There are two rows in this palette, each including 4 shadows. I do think the color choices are pretty with ones for lighter looks and some that would be great for creating smokey eyes too. They do seem to compliment and coordinate with each other as well.  My favorites are all from the right row since they are significantly better in quality in comparison to the left side. I absolutely love the vibrant turquoise shade and the sparkly navy one under it. One that wasn't particularly pleasing was the second shade in the left row which should have been the perfect dark navy with some sparkle but falls short looking sort of grey. The double black shade was entirely unnecessary as well since I just need one for lining my eyes at times. 

Consistency: With this specific palette it's very hit and miss quality wise. The shades on the right are buttery and smooth and go on easily. The ones on the left seem to be a bit chunky and patchy as they apply.

Lasting Power:  These shadows do have good longevity when I use an eyelid primer or cream shadow beneath them. I have noticed that some of these oxidize throughout the day which is very annoying since the color you apply in the morning is not the color you end up having on towards the evening time. That being said, they do stay put for a good 10 hours easy when paired with a primer.

Price: This palette retails at somewhere around $4.99 which comes out to less then $1 per shadow if you calculate it for the 8 shadows included. That's so much less expensive then any of the high end single eye shadows available to purchase, let alone most of the drugstore options.

Pigmentation & Finish: The color payoff on these shadows are hit and miss just as they are in their consistency. I have found that some are super pigmented and the rest are just a little blah. You will have to go back in for color with any of these a few times to get it built up to what you like, either way. Most of the good ones have shimmer running through them or are frosted in finish so if you only like matte shadows you probably won't like this palette.

Packaging: These shadows come in a cheap looking plastic packaging with black bottom and clear lid. I do like that I can see the colors through the lid so I know which one I am picking out of my collection. Just be aware that the packaging is flimsy enough that if dropped the shadows can break and cause a huge mess. It also came with those typical double ended applicators with a sponge tip on one end and a little brush on the other. I tossed it when I purchased it since I don't find those to work very well and I much prefer my brushes.


Overall:  I was slightly disappointed that only 4/8 of the colors in this palette performed very well especially considering how much I love the other one I own at the moment called Comfort Zone (review coming soon). The price tag makes this palette well worth it and the lasting power is fantastic on these when paired with an eyelid primer. At the same time, there are some shades that are very difficult to apply, blend and build up and even a few look very different on the lids from how they look in the packaging as well as some that oxidize throughout the day too. I don't love the packaging being that it's a bit flimsy making the eye shadows inside very easy to break and difficult to travel with. I will continue to use this for the shades I like and this won't stop me from purchasing other palettes from the collection since I have already found some great ones. 

Wearing the third color down on the right side of the palette as a pop of color underneath my lower lash line. 

These shadows can be purchased at drugstores like walgreens or rite aid and anywhere else that drugstore items are sold like soap.com

Have you tried these color icon eye shadow palettes? If you have what did you think of them and do you have a favorite?

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