Home Renovations Part 1: Paint

I think it's about time I tell you about my new house. I wish I could have shared alot more of the details with you. I did have plans to as well. The reason I don't have as many pictures of the progress and work we did is because of how fast we closed on the house, did work and moved in. We closed at the end of August and began work immediately. It's been a whirlwind let me tell you. It wasn't a total gut job but there was a lot of cosmetic work to be done as well as some plumbing and electric issues that needed to be fixed. We moved in on October 1st and at that point although I still had no kitchen, most of the work was finished. My contractor and his team were honestly fantastic. They did not take a break, working every day to perfect every detail. My sister in law Shaindy was a huge help in the design aspect from colors to material too. She has such a great eye for those things and I truly appreciated every minute she gave me.  I'm kicking myself now for not taking any pictures of how the house looked originally because it is such a huge amazing difference!

To get started I had to choose paints. I didn't want to go for the white all over look but I still wanted to open the rooms up and make them look brighter. The previous owner had a molding cutting every wall in half in the dining room area with a rust color on the bottom half and a orange cream color on the upper half. I felt like all that closed up the room and so I had the moldings removed and changed the paint completely. I've been loving the greys lately and so I chose to do a grey color in most of the rooms of the house with accent walls in some rooms. Choosing paints was something I thought would be easy but it did take me some time to find exact colors I wanted.  Some advice for choosing paint: take your time with it to find the exact color you want because it'll hopefully last you a while. Go to the store, take swatches home as well as some of the inspiration books they offer and then compare the colors in different lights. You may find that something you thought you loved isn't something that'll work after all. The basement is not shown in the photos below, it was painted in a lovely pink shade that almost looks white in some lights. I love how it turned out. 

For my grey color I chose Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl. It's a very light grey. It's one of those colors that looks almost white. When you look at it against the white moldings and ceilings though, it's easy to differentiate. I painted most of the house in this color. The dining room, the kitchen, my makeup room downstairs and most of upstairs as well.   

In my bedroom, I painted 3 walls with that same grey color and chose a gorgeous purple color from Benjamin Moore called Seaside Sand for one wall as an accent shade. I think it goes beautifully with the grey and the current green carpeting. 

In my sons room, I did 3 walls that grey color and one wall a lovely navy shade from Benjamin Moore called Normandy. I love how it turned out and I think it makes the perfect boys room.

In the smallest bedroom, I chose an almost chartreuse green color from Benjamin Moore called Dill Pickle that's bright but not overpowering. It'll make a good nursery at some point and the great thing is that it isn't gender specific since I can see blue or pink both going beautifully with it. 

I look forward to showing you more of what we did to the house in the coming weeks. It's been a journey but I've certainly learnt alot along the way and I did enjoy so much of it. Let me know what you think of the colors I chose, I would love to hear from you!

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