Chanuka Gift Guide 2013 Part 3: For The Children

Tonight is the first night of Chanuka and of course I'm thrilled about that. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite holiday of them all! There is something so warm and cozy about it all from lighting the candles, eating comfort food straight from the frying pan and of course spending time with family at home is better then anything in the world. I remember getting so excited for this holiday as a kid and I truly want to pass that exhilaration on to my own son. I always say that holidays like these are most important for the children. These are the memories they will cherish forever. It's become tradition to give gifts to every member of the family, but watching the little ones untie bows and rip open wrapping paper is just priceless. Most children get quite picky as they get older, hoping for the newest gadgets, toys and games and so it's not always easy to find something perfectly pleasing. Today I'm going to help you out a little with part 3, the last in my series of Chanuka gift guides this year. It's geared towards kids of all ages with something to suit each budget. Love and security are the best gifts you can give your children! In your rush to find suitable presents for your loved ones before the 8 nights are over, try not to lose sight of what is truly most important.

For The Toddlers:

For Middle-Schoolers:

For Teenagers:

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Have a very Happy Chanuka everyone!

Do you have some gift ideas to share? Leave them in the comments form below, I am sure they will be helpful to someone out there! ;)

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