Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20 Foundation Review

I haven't talked about any foundations in a while! This is most likely due to the BB  and CC cream craze which I easily got caught up in when they were first released. In the Spring and Summer months I tend to stick to lighter bases with tinted moisturizer- like textures but as soon as the colder season hits, I pull out some of my foundations and this is the first one I began with at the start of fall. The reason I don't talk about foundations all that often is mainly because I often stick to the same ones I know work well for me. Besides for the Stila Tinted Moisturizer, (review coming soon) this is of the latest face products I have purchased and today I am going to share my thoughts on it from coverage to lasting power. 

What Neutrogena has to say about it: "Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup takes over where your skin leaves off. Silky light coverage glides on for a perfectly natural look, while the exclusive blend plus broad spectrum SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skins luminosity, tone and texture" 

Do I agree? Keep reading for more details:

Coverage: It has a medium buildable coverage. I like that in my foundations since I try to avoid caking on layers that aren't needed but at the same time even out and smooth over the hyper pigmentation in my cheeks. It's great that it can be sheered out or built up for better coverage if I'd like. Being that it's not full coverage, with just one layer my skin is mostly evened out but some redness from blemishes and my natural ruddiness does peek through so I often need to top it with some concealer.

Finish: It has beautiful slightly satin dewy finish to it which gives the skin a healthy and luminous look perfect for the colder months when it can sometimes appear a bit dull.

Consistency: The consistency is great for a foundation but a bit too heavy to me since I've become a bit accustomed to my lighter face products over the summer time. It's not too creamy or liquidey though so it does  blend into the skin easily. That said, I think it'll be a bit problematic as the weather grows colder and my skin becomes drier because it's a little on the thick side. Also, I do find that it sets fairly quick so I'd recommend working in sections while applying it.

Lasting Power: I find that it wears well throughout the day and it didn't break down at all in my oily t-zone when I used it briefly during the summertime. I do like to lightly dust it with some powder like I do with any of my other foundations either way. I have noticed that my bronzer, blush and highlight products stay put well on top of this foundation too. I can easily get about 8 hours wear with this which is not terrible. It does begin to fade towards the evening though so if I were going out I would probably have to re-apply.

Variations: There are just 12 shades to choose from which isn't a huge selection but at the same time I do think they got their undertones right. After much contemplation at the drugstore, I chose Classic Ivory 10 which matches me perfectly and blends with my natural skin tone beautifully since it has yellow undertones. I definitely don't think it's a large enough selection  for a foundation since so many people have very different skin tones but if two shades were mixed I think it could work for most.

Scent: I was pleased to find that there was no real scent to this considering how badly some others smell like my favorite Revlon Colorstay Foundation (original liquid version).

Packaging: I'm known for being judgmental with what a product looks like on the outside and although this one is quite boring with it's simplistic glass bottle, that is not what irks me most. I absolutely cannot stand when foundations don't come with a pump atattchment or dispenser to regulate how much product is being poured out. The bottle opening is quite large too so although very little product is needed for each application, loads pours out which is not only wasteful but also extremely messy!

Price: $12.49 is a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation and especially one of this size- 1 fl oz. so I''ll have to see how long it lasts me to see if it was worth that much. 

Overall:  I think the coverage, finish and color are superb. The consistency is not one I think will work well with very dry skin tones and the packaging is my least favorite part to say it nicely. I am just waiting to see how long the bottle will last me before deciding if it's worth a repurchase at this point. I was happy to see that this foundation was geared towards getting healthy skin and not just covering up imperfections.  And another detail I was happy about was that it contains SPF 20 which is a very important factor for me in my daily makeup products with my sensitive naturally pale skin. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? What is your favorite foundation at the moment?
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