My October 2013/ Birthday Wish List

Although I don't like the start of the colder season much, October has always been my favorite time of year, partially because it's my birthday month I suppose. On the 28th I will be 24 and to some that will obviously sound quite young but to me it feels like a pretty big number. I'll try not to complain about it too much though, since growing older with each year is clearly inevitable. I have grown wiser and become that much of a better person with each passing year and there is undoubtedly alot to be grateful for! As I do around every birthday I've gotta thank my mom for bringing me into this world in the first place and taking special care of me until I was able to do it for myself- thanks Mommy, love you!

Each month I share my wish lists with you all and this month will be no exception. Even though I feel like I have everything I could ever wish for at the moment- a wonderful husband who supports me through it all, a handsome adorable son who makes me laugh constantly and now a house of my own with an almost finished brand new kitchen- what more could a girl ask for? 

For someone that has everything they can ever wish for, I have quite the long wish list this month..I got a bit carried away I guess!

 1. My closet is full of all sorts of leather pieces, but there is one item I don't have yet and that is a straight black leather pencil skirt. I've been searching, but it took me until now to find this Javelin Online Vero Moda Judy High Waist Skirt. The only question now- to purchase or not to purchase? 

2. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite Authors and his newest book The Longest Ride is now in stores. I'll either buy it or rent it from the library but I will get my hands on it, I assure you! 

3. I love burning Bath & Body Works Candles especially when it's colder outside. The "Leaves" scent is a very popular one and I think a wallflower  of it would be a lovely scent in any room during Autumn. 

4. With the new place, I am working on figuring out my photography settings and purchasing some new props for my food posts. This Vinyl Photography BackDrop on Etsy and ones like it are what I've been eyeing recently.  

5. At this point I am 85% of the way unpacked and my goal is now to get everything organized and into it's place. There are always bits and pieces laying about that just have no real home and that's where The Container Store Colored Library Metal Boxes come in. Pieces like these will help my home appear neat and decorative at the same time.

6. I don't usually have much time for actual food preparation when I get home and anything that speeds things up like this Rosle Multi Chopper can make such a huge difference for me. 

7. I've also been on the search for a perfect nail polish storage system (I'll confess I do have way too many). I still don't have my heart set on one specific one. Maybe I'm being picky but I just don't want to go with the classic acrylic ones. This Curve Shaped Nail Polish Rack looks amazing! 

8.  I have such bad luck with blush, I don't wear it all that often anyways but the two I liked best from my collection have recently broken deeming them almost unusable. Benefit's Rockateur Blush is getting so much buzz right now so of course I am curious about it. 

9. Most of the heels in my closet are black. Neutral shoes go well with every outfit but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone somewhat and add more colors to my closet. My nieces engagement party is on Thursday. I'm wearing a purple dress, wouldn't gold shoes go beautifully? Love the snake print detailing on these Bandolino Sasson Platform Pumps but I'm not so sure about the open toe.

10. The Lorac Pro Pallette looks perfect for Autumn, I've loved the products I've tried from the company before and I think this will be the next one I purchase.

11. And back to black ;) I actually don't have a pair of flat black booties this year and I am on the lookout for some comfy ones for every day. These Dollhouse Dandy Boots from Metropark look cozy but stylish. 

12. I love a great cross body bag like this Nica Nica Lulu Xbody Bag also from Javelin Online. It's large enough to hold my keys and basic essentials. I've always loved over sized bags but I've been cluttering mine up with unnecessary garbage lately. I love the flower clasp enclosure most, it makes this bag. 

13. As you can see I am doing alot of thinking regarding home decor. I imagine it's going to take me loads of contemplation to get to a decision on specific pieces of furniture but this Carved Wood Coffee Table from WestElm is a piece I can definitely see fitting well with my living room setting.

14. I've loved Ruti Horns headbands ever since receiving one of her reflector neon chartreuse ones in my swag bag two summers ago at a blogger meet up. I came across her Etsy shop this week and there are several turbands- turban headbands in greens, burgundy's and other fall colors I would love to own! 

15.  Of course it wouldn't be a wish list without lots of beauty items and although I do not need any more nail polishes the Essie Mini 4 Pack Cube for Fall called "For the Twill of It" is one of my favorites they've put out in a little while.

So that is my very long wish list for the month of October! Let me know what you are wishing for this month in the comments form below, I would love to hear from you!

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