My Fall Essentials

I wasn't over excited for the start of fall this year, but to be honest I've sort of embraced it now that it's here. Last year I talked about some of the things I love most when the cold weather hits and I thought it would be really fun to do that again. As I do every Sunday, I've also uploaded a video to my YouTube channel so watch it here or towards the end of the post where I'll insert it as usual if you are interested in seeing these things in further detail. My favorite thing about Autumn which soon will beckon the start of Winter is the cozy feeling of it all. I love the idea of getting all bundled up in an over sized sweater on the couch with a book. The golden leaves that crunch below my feet as I walk home with my son make the season even more enjoyable and of course I wouldn't be a good food blogger at all if I didn't say something about comfort food and drink. Who's excited for Thanksgiving and Chanuka, or Thanksgivika this year anyways since they fall out together? I hope my kitchen gets installed soon so that I can start baking up some holiday themed treats to share with you as I do around most holidays or special occasions! (it should be finished within the week, but we will have to wait and see!)

It seems as though I constantly have a candle burning somewhere in my house since I love the smell of the Bath & Body Works ones. There are some that I pull out exclusively with this time of year though and those are the spicier ones that smell like baking and leaves and fireplaces. I was so disappointed when I finished my favorite hot chocolate candle at the end of last winter. It definitely needs to be replaced and I plan to pick up a few new ones too. Leave me your recommendations!  At the moment I love Marshmallow Peppermint, Winter Night and Hot Buttered Rum- sadly also almost finished off.

I love tea all year round as I'm sure I've mentioned plenty of times but as soon as the cold weather hits it is something I begin to drink constantly sandwiched between cups upon cups of hot chocolate and coffee of course! This Bigelow Green Tea which comes in K Cup form to be brewed by my Keurig is absolutely fantastic. I love that it has healthy antioxidants in it's makeup which means it's also healthy and good for me.

In regards to beauty in fall, it was super difficult for me to choose just a few items from each category since I adore so many nail polishes and lipsticks from my collection. For nails I cannot be without a burgundy, dark purple and gold and so I picked Essie's Berry Hard (on my nails now), Revlon's Fall Mood and Essie's Carry On all of which I am sure to be wearing so much in the next months. And for the lips I just chose 2 along with a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and prepared to wear them. I do have a blog post from last year discussing 5 of my favorite bold lipsticks and as they have not really changed I will link that here. At this specific moment I am in love with Revlon's Matte Lipstick in Really Red as well as Revlon's Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Premium Pink and although the Kiss of Milk & Honey Lip Balm by Nivea isn't my favorite of the ones they offer, my lips drink it up this time of year. I am currently finishing it off and plan to go back to the pink tube when I do. While we're talking about keeping hydrated I am going to mention one of my favorite face moisturizers of all time (not photographed) that will never leave my skin care routine no matter what others I dapple into. It's the Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer and it sure keeps the dry flakes away when my skin gets a bit dull with the weather.

This season is all about getting cozy  for me with warm sweaters, boots of course and my cold weather style staples which are scarves and knitted beanies. Two that have rose to the top of the pile amongst my scarves of late are this grayish brown animal print with skulls from Forever 21 that I mentioned in my last haul. &this mustard yellow one that I bought in Target last year which is long and fringed and so yummy around my neck.

Those are my fall essentials or favorites if you'd like. What are you favoring when the cold weather arrives? Is it good old comfort food, some wardrobe staples or perhaps a beauty item that can't be beat? Let me know in the comments form below, I would really like to know!

Look out for even more fall and winter themed posts and videos because I sure am in the mood of them now! And for those of you in Australia or other parts of the world where it's now getting warm, you can always bookmark this one for later but know that I envy you greatly right now because sun is my best friend!

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