Fall Fashion Haul

Although I was not happy at all to say goodbye to my favorite season with it's sandals, smoothies and light breezey dresses I am very much looking forward to fresh new looks for fall. When a new season begins, I spend some time looking through my closet and pulling things out of storage from the year before. With the big move I've had to be extra meticulous since I didn't want to bring anything unneeded to the new house. I donated things that I didn't think I'd ever wear again and did some research on the seasons trends.

I then began scoping out all of the possible new items to add to my wardrobe. All that needed to be done from there was the fun part-the actual shopping. There are so many beautiful, budget friendly items arriving in stores daily and I could not wait to get my hands on some of them. I started by visiting some of my favorite places- TJ Maxx, Target and Forever 21 and I was so relieved with the amount of stuff I ended up with. It was a success to say the least since I am not a fan of doing several shopping trips but rather knocking them all out at once (all in one day-even better). Although I focused on pieces that would carry me from fall to winter easily, I do plan to do even more shopping as winter nears. No doubt these new pieces are going to be my outfit staples for the time being. I've also done a video detailing each item I purchased during these trips so either watch it here or read till the end where it will be inserted as usual.

Fall outfit posts and videos incorporating some of these pieces are in my plans so look out for that if you are interested in seeing how I will style them. The piece I've worn most so far is the geometric themed gold earrings. I especially love gold jewelry and long earrings are what I go for most of the time so these were just calling my name at Forever 21. The thing I am most excited to wear which has definitely been the greatest find of this entire haul is the the open pleats flared leather skirt which I plan to wear high waisted with patterned button down skirts, colored tights or leggings and a pretty pair of flats or some booties. I did also grab a cute and comfortable coat while I was at Target which will surely take me right into winter. Lets talk about that scarf! I purchased it ultimately for the animal print. It took me until I photographed it for this post to notice the the little skulls sprinkled throughout which gives it a cool rocker vibe. 

I set out to gather some fall basics and I think I have accomplishes just that with the riding boots, mustard blazer,  denim shirt,  plaid shirt and some comfy sweaters too. I am on the lookout for some more scarfs since they are the perfect accessory in fall and I'm also on the search for the perfect black booties. I'm not sure if I should go for ones that are flat or with a heel of some sort or both?!

Give me your opinion and let me know what you've purchased for fall so far in the comments form below, I absolutely love to hear from you!


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