Beauty Tip of the Week: Proper Brush Care

Makeup brushes are the essential tool in most makeup routines. There are endless options to choose from on the market today but many of them can get pretty pricey if you want to invest in a great set. Read about my most used makeup brushes here if you are looking to purchase some. Whether or not yours were costly, you will want to take proper care of them. If brushes are incorrectly cared for they can not only deteriorate very quickly but also spread germs and bacteria which can cause annoying breakouts too. & That's the last thing we want. Clean brushes will help keep your skin clear and assist them in lasting you that much longer. The good news is that I am going to share some of my tips on properly caring for your brushes today, so get ready for some scrubbing!

When To Clean Your Brushes

Clean your brushes as soon as you take them home for the first time and after that you'll want to do so on a regular basis.(Ideally, do spot treatments daily and weekly deep clean) By doing so you will be removing old makeup, oil and dead skin cells, dirt, dust and bacteria all of which can be extremely harmful to the skin.

Choose Your Brush Cleaner

There are a whole slew of brush cleansers designed with makeup in mind and they are available all over the web. You can also create your own with any easy DIY brush cleaner recipe. I plan to do a post on that in the next weeks. Look out for it! My favorite store bought options are: A) the Japonesque Proffessional Brush Cleaner which is a spray spot clean treatment that smells citrusey like grapefruits and oranges. or B) the Johnsons Baby Shampoo. I use the Japonesque one when I'm looking to do a quick on the go kind of clean that will also dry quickly so I can use them soon after and I tend to do so every other day. I go for the Johnsons option when I want to give them a deep clean and usually do so once a week. The "no more tangles" version not only smells amazing but also leaves my brushes feeling brand new and super soft.

How To Clean Them 

Using a spot treatment kind of spray cleanser, hold your brushes hair down and spray it on all ends being sure to get in the center of the bristles too. Once you've sprayed it a few times wipe it gently on a piece of prepared paper towel. You will see lots of product coming off onto the paper towel. Allow it to dry completely, laying sideways on the paper towel before using it. 

Doing a deep treatment cleaning is a bit different. If you have a soap that you like you can use it straight up. I put two squirts of the Johnsons baby shampoo in a plastic cup and add warm water. I then stir it so that the water and soap come together for a more sudsy consistency. Place you brush in the water and wipe it on the sides of the cup to remove some of the product with friction. Be sure that the water only reaches the brush hairs and not the ferrule (the piece that is situated between the brush hair and handle and holds it together) as the warm water will melt the glue and it'll then fall apart. Lift it out of the water and allow it to drip off, then wipe it gently on a prepared paper towel as you would when spot treating. Allow it to dry laying sideways on a fresh paper towel for about 24 hours before using.

Do you have some tricks or tips that work well for you in taking care of your brushes? Leave them in the comments form below along with any other opinions you may have, I sure would appreciate it as would others I assume!

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