Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara 301 Black Review

I cannot believe I have not reviewed a mascara since January! I have been trying to get through some of the ones I love most from my collection before purchasing any new ones and I hadn't really come across one that was worth talking about. That is until now. This mascara by Jordana has a great amount of hype around it at the moment in the beauty community and for good reason. I don't think I have found one I love this much since my LORAC Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara (an all time favorite). I love it when I encounter a product that performs this well for under $3. This brand is all new to me but I'm pretty sure Jordana products can be purchased from Walgreens and on their website. I purchased this mascara at a while back. Considering my short, thin lashes it takes a great mascara to get them where I want them to be. I'm someone that likes the almost false looking lashes effect so mascaras often fall short of my expectations. This one didn't at all!

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Consistency: Very wet and not too thick to work into the lashes. Due to that very liquid like consistency the wand comes out with way to much product on it. It must be wiped off on all sides before going in with it and therefore I find that alot of the product builds up on the side of of the tube keeping it from closing properly if it's not cleaned each time causing quite the hassle. The good news is as it dries out a bit within a month or so, it becomes much easier to deal with.

Color: 301 Black is an extremely rich black color 

Wand: The straight kind, made of standard material (not plastic) and it is average sized with short, densely packed bristles which really help with precision. With one swipe it seems to get into each and every lash making them really stand out. 

Packaging: Pretty Ordinary, but I do love that purple lettering. 

Wear: It stays put on my lashes throughout the day. It does take a minute or two to set so I like to wait to apply a second coat or put on any other makeup to avoid any smearing. Once it sets, I don't experience any smudging or flaking at all even throughout summers heat and humidity. It's not waterproof or water resistant but when my eyes tear in the wind it still doesn't smudge on me. I don't have a hard time removing it with my Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover at the end of the day either. 

Performance: Although this is technically supposed to be a volumizing mascara I notice alot more on the side of length, thickening, seperating and curling. The most unique detail is that it holds my curl throughout the day and with lashes that naturally droop, that is an important factor with my mascaras. 

Price- $3 pretty great for a mascara like this one. 

Application Tips: I find that just one coat is enough for me because with two coats my lashes start to feel very stiff and uncomfortable. For those who want even more volume, 2 coats would be fine just beware of some clumping the second time around and keep a lash comb on hand.  

I've been really impressed with this mascara ever since the first time I put it on my lashes. It's not the most volumizing one I've tried but it does give a decent amount of length and holds a curl so well! I feel that the consistency is a bit hard to work with at first and it definitely needs cleaning off before being applied making it a bit high maintenance. The price tag and all day lasting power surely close the deal for me. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great mascara but doesn't want to pay a hefty price tag. 

Only Applied to the top lashes in these photos

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? What is your favorite mascara at the moment? 
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