Red Snapper with Almond Breading and Sweet Miso Ginger Sauce Recipe

I had never even heard of red snapper before reading this recipe post from Busy in Brooklyn (which I am definitely going to be trying next). I know, quite shocking! There are so many kinds of kosher fish I have yet to try and I tell you, I am on a mission! If you've been reading my blog from the very beginning you will laugh at the thought of how many salmon recipes I used to post. I've obviously cooked up gefilte fish as well but back then I must have just been a little afraid to experiment. I have since shared recipes for tuna steak, halibut and tilapia. I sure am proud of how far I've come!

I had to specifically call my fish counter up and request it a few days in advance so if you can't get ahold of red snapper don't sweat it, any white flaky fish will do. As with any new fish I was in fact a little concerned about how the cooking would go and how the finished product would taste. It was surprisingly simple to put together with the help of the fish counter at my grocery having already prepared and cleaned my slices. The combination of almond brittle breading, asian sauce and the addition of carrot and scallion garnish really had this dish tasting sublime! Are you a little afraid to experiment with new foods? Try this one, you may just be surprised!

Red Snapper with Almond Breading and Sweet Miso Ginger Sauce:


1 lb Red Snapper cut into 2-4 pieces

1/8 Cup Jasons Bread Crumbs
1 Cup Bakers Choice Almond Brittle

1/8 Cup Kikoman Wasabi Sauce
1 Cube Gefen Frozen Garlic
1 Cube Gefen Frozen Ginger
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1/4 Cup Apricot Preserves

Slivered/Grated Carrots
Sliced Scallions


1. Prepare marinade- combine wasabi sauce, frozen garlic, frozen ginger, sugar and apricot preserves and heat in a sauce pan over  a low flame stirring to combine for about 4-5 minutes. Allow the marinade to cool.

2. Lay the pieces of fish skin side up in a large storage container.  Pour the cooled sauce/marinade over the fish and cover.  Marinate the fish for 2 hours or more.

3.  Mix  the breadcrumbs and almond brittle pieces and pour them into a plate flattening them out to one even layer. Begin breading the fish by pulling them out of the marinade and coating each piece with breading. 

4. Lay the breaded pieces of fish out in a parchment paper lined 9X13 pan and bake on 400 for about 25 minutes. 

5. Heat the marinade/sauce in a sauce pan immediate before serving fish. Slice up some carrots and scallions as a garnish and sprinkle them out over the bottom of a plate as a garnish of sorts. Spoon some of the sauce over the garnish and lay the fish over top of it all. Serve warm. 

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