H20 Plus Face Oasis Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser Review

H20 Plus Face Oasis Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser $25.00 Full Size 120 Ml (Sample Size 30 Ml Shown) 

Cleansers play quite the hefty role in my skin care routine as cleansing my skin is a step I thoroughly enjoy twice daily. My bevy of cleansers is really all encompassing at this point but no matter, this one has hastily been added to the mix. What can I say? They seem to be the most essential item in my entire skin care regimen. I'm sure I'm not the only person completely obsessed with getting a perfectly clean face before going to sleep and just after waking up. One thing I have begun to notice is how much I love cleansers that foam and those with exfoliating characteristics too. I am quite picky with what I use to wash my face though. If a cleanser is greasy, drying, sticky or oily it's just not going on my face.

This was one of the products mentioned in my most recent haul post & video. I received it in a beauty bag full of samples that came along with my beauty.com purchase for spending over a specified amount on their site. Of all the products that came along with that sample bag, this one is by far my favorite! My skin is combination with a little dryness in the winter and some oiliness in my t-zone during the summertime. I do get some spots occasionally, but mostly in the summertime with oil production at it's height. This one has the most gorgeous texture and makes my skin feel really fresh and clean, just what it's supposed to do.

What the company has to say about it: "Deeply cleanse and revitalize skin with this gently refining, oil-free formula with natural fruit enzymes, jojoba beads, and moisturizing marine botanicals" 

Texture: I've found that it has a very cooling, hydrating, gel like consistency. It feels alot like simply splashing the face with water along with some tiny sugar like exfoliating beads which aren't abrasive feeling so there's no irritation at all! It absorbs right into the skin too and doesn't leave behind any sticky or greasy residue on the skin.

Scent: This cleanser has a really nice refreshing scent. Although it's light, it's pleasantly pampering and not heavily floral at all.

Skin Types: I think it would be really great for dry skin since it's super hydrating but since it's not greasy at all I believe it would work well for oily skin types too. I used it when I had dry patches and then again with an oily t-zone and noticed that it worked well in both aspects.

Performance: I like to use this once a day as a part of my nighttime routine and go with something a little less exfoliating for my morning cleanse. I have noticed my skin feeling more smooth afterwards and appearing less oily and more radiant. With other exfoliating cleansers you can sometimes be left with some residue but this washes right off completely. I also feel that my skin is more hydrated & I really like that I can use it to remove my makeup from the day and also get a really deep cleanse. This means there is no need to combine it with any other products to scrub my face totally clean. I've also noticed that it isn't running out too quick being that I only need two squirts for my entire face. 

Price: It costs $25 for the full size version which is pretty decent for the amount of product in it. I am pretty sure I will purchase the large size when I finish this one. 

Packaging: I love the color and ombre effect of the tube with the white lettering. There is just something about pretty packaging that gets me excited! The product dispenses through a really small hole so it's easier to control as well. 


I don't remember loving a cleanser this much for a very long time! Don't be surprised if it's mentioned in my next favorites post/video as it certainly deserves a special medal. The packaging is lovely, the scent is amazing, the price is do-able and it performs superbly. I just can't say enough good things about this one and I honestly can't wait to try other items from this company!

What is your favorite cleanser of the moment? Do you prefer those from the high end category or do you like the ones from the drugstore better? Leave me a comment, I love to hear from you all!

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