A Week in Review #3

Another week flew right by me. It's that time again where camp has ended and school hasn't started yet which is great for spending time with family! My 14 year old sister has been over to help and it's been so amazing since my son loves her so much! It's not often I get to spend this much time with her and we are truly enjoying every minute before she goes home to start high school and my son is off to nursery-eeek! Here is a little bit of what my week looked like last week:

With Instagram:

I spotted this beautiful butterfly one morning and I had to stop and take a picture of it. Although I am no fan of creepy crawling things I think butterflys are so beautiful.

I found a really nice picture of the bridesmaids makeup I did for a wedding a few weeks ago, loved the navy theme!

We fed the fish in my husbands office and my son was fascinated with the clownfish who looks just like Nemo!

When girls get together things like makeup, nails and hair are sure to happen and we've been doing just that. I even attempted a mermaid/fishtail braid in her hair on Friday!

A coffee cup that looks like a camera lens- I think it is the perfect accessory for any blogger and definitely a must have for me!

I find snapple cap facts so humorous! This random one was actually quite interesting. 

I walked into a store to get a pack of gum and what do I see the sidewalk outside- cages with birds, one was this adorable but very loud parrot!

Last week we ate this kale salad along with one of our dinners.  It was really very simple to put together with the addition of some beets, pomegranate seeds, orange slices and poppyseed dressing.

The Week in Blog Posts:

Favorite Blog Post of The Week:

Kate from The Small Things Blog did a great post all about her favorite volumizing shampoos and I found it quite interesting to read and useful for shopping ideas too. I really do have to try that Organix one since I've always loved that line.

Favorite Youtube Video of the Week:

This video by BeautyBanterBlog.com with a how to for 2 makeup looks using the same Mac pigment, one for summer and one for fall.

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