Sour Cream Lasagna Recipe

Hope you all had a really easy fast and a very meaningful Tishaa Baav too. Today I am back with a great new recipe! Who doesn't love a rich and delicious lasagna? You already know how much I love pasta and a classic lasagna is no exception! This recipe is filling and satisfying and has a really fun twist too. It all happened by mistake really. My normal mixture usually contains some farmers cheese or ricotta cheese.  That ingredient didn't make it to the weekly shopping list somehow (perhaps due to the late hour it was written at) and so when it came time to prepare the dish I was without. The first thing that came to mind was cream cheese but the only thing available in my refrigerator was actually sour cream and I wasn't running out to the store with not much time for preperation. 

Heres how my thought process went:  if cheese cake works out alright with some sour cream then my lasagna couldn't turn out totally disgusting, right? It wasn't. It was actually amazing and creamy! I served it along side a really good Crunchy Tangy Cole Slaw- recipe here. The ingredients are absolutely basic so anyone can make this anywhere, anytime. It's simple to throw together too with the use of some non boil lasagna noodles (feel free to spend extra time boiling up those others if you'd like though). Aside from it's simplicity and availability of ingredients, it is the best lasagna ever I tell you! I'm sure your mouth is now watering so here it is at last, the recipe:

Sour Cream Lasagna Recipe: 


(1) 8 Oz. Ronzoni  Box Non Boil Lasagna Pasta
1 Jar Marinara Sauce
1 8 oz. Package Haolam Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1 6 Oz. Container Sour Cream  
1 Tablespoon White Sugar or Sugar Substitute


1. Spray A 9X13 Pyrex baking dish with cooking spray. 

2. In a large mixing bowl combine the jar of marinara sauce, 3/4 of the bag of shredded mozzarella cheese,  the sour cream and sugar. (a pinch of salt and pepper as well if you'd like). Mix well to combine and smooth out completely.

3. Preheat the oven to 350

4. Lay out your first layer of noodles. Place about 3 tablespoons of the mixture over top of the first layer of lasagna in the dish. Top that carefully with more of the lasagna pieces. Continue to layer pasta and sauce until you've finished the sauce, pasta or both. It should tower close to the top of the dish at this point. 

5. Carefully place the dish in the oven and bake for 35 minutes or until the pasta is completely cooked through. 

6. In the last five minutes of baking top the lasagna with the leftover 1/4 bag of mozzarella cheese and place it back in the oven. The cheese will melt over the top. 

7. Allow it to cool a little bit before cutting into squares and serving. 

Cook this dish up for your family one night, they will love it!

Enjoy the recipe!

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