Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover Review

I've  notoriously picky when it comes to eye makeup removers. After having tried several other drugstore options (read about that here) in hopes of finding a new one I think it's fair to say I have yet to find a contender. Considering how much I've talked about this eye makeup remover from favorites posts to the one about my skin care routine, I was pretty shocked when I realized I had never actually reviewed it in full. There are so many details that make this product one to run out and repurchase constantly but there are also those things that slightly annoy me about it as well. Hence the reason I was ever unfaithful to it to begin with.  

What Sonia Kashuk says about this product: This gentle as water remover activates when shaken to gently whisk away eye makeup, even waterproof formulas. This non-irritant sting-free formula conditions and refreshens skin and is even for those with the most sensitive eyes."  

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Packaging: It comes in a simple clear cylindrical bottle with a black screw cap. I'm pretty sure it's been recently repackaged as it used to have a white cover with a silver stripe across it and it was called "Remove Gentle". The product inside is very much the same as I've discovered. It comes with it's cover screwed tight but does not have a protective seal around the bottle or even over the opening. This is something that has me seriously worried when pulling it off a shelf in a public store where anyone else can open it and contaminate it previous to me purchasing it. The other thing that I find most frustrating is that there is no pump or stopper attachment to limit the flow of product. It would have been very practical since as little as 2 drops is needed each time. Instead, every use is wastely and I find myself going through it very hastily. As a side note I am also very clumsy and knocked an entire bottle down the drain a little while back, if there had been a stopped or pump of sorts the product would have been saved.

Price: I do think a good eye makeup remover that lasts 2 months or longer is worth $10-$20 for sure. If I manage not to spill it or knock it over it can last a little over 2 months using q-tips to control the amount of product usage each time. For that reason I would say $10.19 is a fine price to pay for this item.

Scent: I have not noticed any.

Performance: It does the job flawlessly. I have tested it on the most stubborn of makeup and it removes it within just a couple of swipes of a q-tip. It's quick and easy to use for late nights or lazy occasions. Just 1 dip of the q-tip into the product is enough to remove an entire eye of waterproof/water resistant makeup.  

Formulation/Consistency: This eye makeup remover is a dual phase consistency, meaning it has two separate parts that need to be shaken up and mixed to activate. You have the lavender liquid that sits towards the bottom with a cloudy even oily looking counterpart covering the rest of the bottle about 3/4 of the way. When shaken they combine to a cloudy looking mixture. The product itself isn't actually oily feeling at all so no problems with greasy eyelids or blurry vision afterwards and I believe it would work well for all skin types. It does in fact feel just like water on the face so no irritations, oiliness, or dry lids have been the outcome for me. 

The round up: 

removes makeup with a swipe, waterproof items included
very little needs product needs to be used each time
non oily in formulation
good for all skin types
no irritation
decent in price

no protective seal when purchased
no pump or stopper attachment to control flow of product

This has been my go to eye makeup remover since discovering it a few years back. Although I have tested others to see if I could find one of equivalence in performance, it is one I can trust to go back to any time. 

This product can be purchased at Target and anywhere else Sonia Kashuk products are sold. 

I love to try new eye makeup removers. My goal is try some more expensive ones this year and see if they are any better then the drugstore ones I've been testing until now. Which luxury or high end eye makeup removers have you tried and loved that you would recommend I try next? Leave it in the comments form below! I love to hear from you!

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